World Service Notes

2017-09 Is it within the Traditions for a group to set a specific period of time for meditation during the meeting?

Designation of a period of time for the purpose of group meditation is not appropriate at an Al-Anon meeting.


Possibly in response to text in 2015 Annual Report for 2014 Annual Report Comment:

"We took a group conscience and have a meditation format that includes five minutes of meditation once a month. We read Conference Approved Literature about meditation and proceed with the meditation if everyone is willing. The WSO is a clearing house, not the boss."

With the follow up comment:

"If a newcomer came to the meeting and we told him/her that we will meditate for next five minutes, and asked, does anyone object? If they are new, are they going to speak up? They may wonder about us being a religious organization or a cult because we are doing things in the meeting that make them feel uncomfortable. Our individual group actions affect the perception of Al-Anon around the world."