Strong & Confident YOU

Get results and become the best version of yourself from the inside out.

A program that cares about your lifestyle and goals without the constraints of traditional gyms or diet plans.

Are you ready to live the life you enjoy without dieting, supplements or boring cardio? If so, Strong & Confident YOU is what you need! You can experience the benefits of a complete Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching program for a fraction of the cost of a gym membership and diet plans.

You're here because you want to look and feel great.

The big question is, are you willing to push yourself past your comfort zone to make real, long-lasting change?

I know telling someone to eat less and move more doesn't work. Most women fail because they are just temporarily changing their behaviors instead of building habits and discipline. They are either "on or off" and that doesn't last long.

I help women focus on a sustainable, flexible and less restrictive approach that will lead to long-term results.

How does Strong & Confident YOU work?

You might be asking yourself how this program works if I'm not by your side in person, pushing you through your workouts to keep you motivated.

This program gives you access to a coach (me) without being constrained to any single location.

I'm able to assist you with your nutrition, lifestyle challenges, provide feedback, support & encouragement all without judgement. Although I am not physically there with you, my services go beyond the 30 minutes (or 1 hour) that you get with a personal trainer at a gym.

I will set up a personalized nutrition and training plan, keep you accountable, and make adjustments to ensure you keep progressing towards your goals.

How is Strong & Confident YOU different?

What you are currently doing...

  • Always on your own trying to figure out what works.

  • White knuckling your efforts every week.

  • 4 sessions with a trainer a month

  • Schedule conflicts to meet trainer at gym.

  • Penalty for early cancellation on contract.

  • No help when it comes to your nutrition.

  • Generic cookie cutter exercise program.

  • No encouragement, direction , plan or focus.

  • Continually buying weight loss products.

  • No support on your day to day living.

  • Always on diet mode and shortcuts.

  • Overhead gym fees & taxes.

  • No flexibility.

How Strong & Confident YOU is different:

  • A certified professional available 24 hours.

  • On your time and schedule.

  • Personalized Nutrition & Training plan.

  • Personalized supplement guide.

  • Wellness video check-ins 7 days a week.

  • 7 day accountability support.

  • No gym membership required.

  • Supportive & encouraging community.

  • Flexible, simple and sustainable.

  • 80% of success is thru Nutrition.

  • No social media required to join.

  • Entire program is done remotely.

  • No contracts, cancel anytime.

  • Eat the foods you enjoy.

  • Results guarantee.

  • No diets or products.

  • No gym commute.

  • No hidden fees.

So if you want to eat better, feel great, exercise where and when it's convenient for youthen Strong & Confident YOU could be the solution.

How can I benefit? What's in it for me?

A huge variety of women can benefit from a complete virtual fitness and nutrition program. You may be an especially good candidate for the Strong & Confident YOU program if one or more of the following describes you:

  1. You’re looking for a coach with specific expertise.

I work exclusively with women over 40 who finally have time to take care of themselves after putting family and career first. If you’re looking for a quick fix, done for you 30-day challenge, I’m not the coach for you.

  1. You have a very full schedule.

Scheduling is a non-issue with the Strong & Confident YOU program. Instead of being stuck with someone else’s schedule (i.e. a trainer at a gym), you exercise when and where you want, but still get the benefit of a structured program and ongoing support from a certified coach.

Sure, a bit of experimentation might be necessary (i.e. switching evening workouts to morning workouts to ensure they get done) and that's ok.

I will create a plan to accommodate your schedule – no matter how full it might be.

  1. You want to workout at home.

You don't need to go to a gym, if you don't want to! Most of my clients train in their own homes for various reasons, like taking care of young children, living in remote locations with no gyms available, or just simple convenience. You can skyrocket your fitness with the right set of body weight moves coupled with a few simple (and inexpensive) pieces of equipment.

Add a simple nutrition plan to follow and results will soon come. Guaranteed!

  1. You need nutrition advice.

Diets don’t work. They are motivated by guilt and bound to extreme limitations. You white knuckled your efforts and take the leap, and yet, it doesn’t pay off. Besides, you know a good balance of proteins, carbs & fats is needed to feel your best. Virtual Coaching provides you access to resources in a world where one thing is "GOOD" today but "BAD" tomorrow.

  1. You want simplicity in your life.

Life is already hectic, last thing you need is another complicated exercise program and restrictive diet. You want a program that works for you, taking into consideration your unique life challenges and schedule constraints.

You want a program designed with your success in mind with proven results.


Got any Question or concern? I got you covered. I’m here to help you succeed.

Team YOU

I want to see you win. I will do everything I can to ensure you get the results you want..


Stop avoiding food. Enjoy your favorites while still reaching your goals.

What type of woman might not do well with the Strong & Confident YOU program?

If you are looking for:

  • Done for you meal plans and/ or generic workouts

  • Appointments with a personal trainer at a gym.

  • Someone to judge your everyday decisions

  • Make you feel bad for lacking motivation

  • Restrictive diets, shakes or products

  • Struggle avoidance in every day life

  • Rapid weight loss results

Then the Strong & Confident YOU program might not work for you.

You will need some self-discipline to get the most out of the program.

Yes, you get structure, direction, support, and accountability, but it’s still up to you to get done what you’ve set out to do. The Strong & Confident YOU program is a great way of empowering yourself to take ownership and responsibility of your own fitness and build bulletproof health habits.

It could be what you need to finally change your life!

Still not sure if you need help?

The sad truth is that most women will fail, quit and give up because of ineffective strategies, unrealistic goals and lack of systems & habits. It’s easy to get started when motivation is high, good intentions, a list of goals but following through when life throws you a curve ball is what actually counts.

It's not that you haven't found the perfect workout, meal plan, macros or calories.

There are plenty of free online tools & apps that will generate these for you.

The problem is that with anything that's free, there's no investment nor commitment so there's nothing to lose. In addition, free doesn't come with a proven system, accountability, support, flexibility, direction and contact with someone who truly cares about your success.

You've tried dieting before, and it never works.

It's time for something completely different.

What if all you had to do was show up and put in the work? Or have someone who gave you their undivided attention and be with you every step of the way? What if you never had to ask again, “What should I be doing” or “Why am I not seeing progress?”

Would that help you track towards your goals?

I think so and that's what I do:

  • No more wasted money on products or gimmicks.

  • No more second guessing every decision.

  • No more working out six times a week .

  • No more food restrictions.

  • No more lack of progress.

  • No more feeling alone.

I don't think you would have made it this far if you thought you didn't need help.

Before you leave, be honest and ask yourself this question:

"If I keep doing what I am doing, will my life be better 6 months from today?"


**Fill the application form below. I'll be in touch if you meet the initial requirements*

Here's what you can expect from the Strong & Confident YOU program:

Over the course of 6 months, I’ll help you improve your:

  • Body image

  • Nutrition habits

  • Lifestyle

  • Health

  • Gain energy,

And lose weight no matter what’s going on around you.

Rest assured your needs and goals are important and always at the forefront.

There are no complicated diets to follow so forget about restrictive diets. I’ll sweat the details so you can focus on one day at a time. All the guesswork will be removed and I'll give you the accountability, direction, and support you need every step of the way.

I’m sure you’ve tried long cardio sessions and weight loss apps promising incredible results in just 30 days only to end up disappointed. Instead of the all-or-nothing dieting approach you are used to, I focus on a sustainable, practice-based approach to help you build healthy habits into your day at a time.

The result?

You’ll lose the weight, inches and become the person you've always wanted to be...

Stronger, leaner and more confident . You’ll also develop a better relationship with yourself and the food you eat.

"After being very sick with COVID in December, I hit my rock bottom and decided I needed to make a change. On diets, I feel like time slows down and this program was not like that. I ate real food, made more informed choices, and took time to identify where my relationship with food was and where it needed to be."-Kristin Wynkoop

Last year’s tight clothes feel much a matter of fact, looser every week!

I have lost 8 inches off my hips! It’s pretty amazing that my knee (at least one) is bone on bone, yet with the weight loss, I’m not slowed down much.

Changing my life it’s a unending marathon. So you gotta keep going, but you also need to enjoy things as you go. I also bought a Kayak for the summer because why not!"

Sue, 56

46 lbs lost


"Love the emphasis on habit stacking. I can benefit from improving my nutrition, water intake, etc but I’m really seeing how my lifestyle and consequences of my lifestyle drive my nutritional and physical decisions."- Virginia Marsh

I found a new relationship with food!!

I've also gained self control and confidence and continue doing my best for sure!

This program has helped me stay on the right path and reminds me why I'm doing this. I have more strength to carry on when when I slip and it's easier (mentally and physically) to get back on the health wagon.

Ashlee, 32

30 lbs lost

Moore, OK

"The Body Positive lesson was really inspiring. I am a huge advocate for being positive and lifting other women up. I found it challenging to look at myself but loved the lessons to support other women."-Raeann Rainwater

Yes...there will be obstacles along the way.

However, you won't feel alone or hopeless anymore. I’ll help you overcome each challenge by modifying your program or offering new solutions.

I’m part nutritionist, online trainer, and caring friend.

You’ll also be able to reach out to me at any time through my online coaching platform and even book phone/video calls as much as needed for continued success. I’ll regularly review your progress, offer insights, and check-in with you to provide support and guidance.

If you’d like, you can also participate in an online community of women who are going through the program at the same time. Their shared knowledge, experiences, and support can help you go much further than you could on your own.

Imagine how different your life will be 6 months from today:

Being active like you never thought possible, stronger, full of confidence, more energy, and being an inspiration to family and friends. Essentially, living the life YOU WERE MEANT TO LIVE.

Now imagine not taking this opportunity to improve your life.

Would you be better off not doing anything to change this very moment?

Today is an opportunity to get better, don't waste it and fill out the application form below

**Fill the application form above. I'll be in touch if you meet the initial requirements*