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Repair, refueling and cleaning of air conditioners

The call of the master for the repair of the ac repair in Dubai you can carry out by phone: +941 4 235 6599 from 9 to 22 hours daily, without days off and holidays.

Our company carries out repair of domestic air coolers, split-systems, as well as repair of industrial and high-power AC’s installed in cinemas, large halls, supermarkets in Dubai and the UAE region.

Repair of the A/C may be required due to various failures: it may be a breakdown of the engine of the indoor or outdoor unit, the failure of electronic boards or relays, the valve or compressor may fail. Repair of the drainage system of the HVAC unit, the elimination of refrigerant leaks - all these are probable causes of breakdowns and say that there are types of cooling units that do not break at all, today it is impossible.

The repair of the air conditioner is, firstly: the search for a malfunction, and secondly, the elimination of the causes of breakdown, which can be caused both by a violation of the electrician and physical causes, with the replacement of the failed parts.

AC repair specialist consistently studies the main output parameters: the Freon pressure in the working cooling system, the temperature difference, as an indicator of the efficiency of the split system, analyzes the electrical system for closure, etc.

After the repair, the air cooler is guaranteed for operation.

It is important to understand that the uninterrupted operation of the unit is a consequence of the following reasons:

Correct installation, installation and operation

Quality timely service and cleaning

Physical features of equipment

Mechanical integrity in places of installation

Service work and cleaning of AC units

Cooler fixing specialist on TV Detailed video report of the first channel with one of our masters about cooling machines: how to properly service them and how often it is necessary to refuel.

Air conditioning requires compulsory maintenance. Our center in Dubai offers various services for their maintenance for individuals and legal entities:

One-time cleaning of the air conditioner using an antibacterial disinfectant

Technical works on customer's call

Service - work under contracts with a frequency of 1,2,3 and 4 times a year

Buying cooling unit, you can agree on the service, without waiting for the need for repair.

Our service center carries out all the required operations and technical work for cleaning, refueling air conditioners with freon.

Ac cleaning Dubai

Refueling of air conditioners with freon

Timely refueling and refueling of AC with freon is a mandatory requirement for the operation of such equipment as air conditioning. Any cooler gives a natural leak of freon to 10 volume percent a year. The pressure of Freon in the system is lowered and the units need to be refilled periodically, checking the pressure of Freon. If you neglect the timely refueling of the air conditioner, then the compressor, overheating, breaks down.

Modern air conditioners are refilled with Freon 410 or its analogues, whereas the cooling equipment of the old brands is refilled with Freon 22, which is not recommended for use today due to environmental problems.

AC Repair Dubai

Installation of the cooler in Dubai

Professional installation of A/C, competent installation is the basis of good steady operation.

Installation of air conditioning in Dubai will require the installation of an external unit, (for high-altitude installation with the participation of climbers), installation of communications between the units and installation of internal equipment elements. The entire system is assembled by a team of our company for 3 hours. Standard installation of an AC includes 5 meters of the route. Requirements for the installation of air conditioners are usually such that the distance at a standard installation between the indoor and outdoor unit should not exceed 10-12 meters.

By the way, there was a time when chillers did not exist, so fixing of A/C is really not as bad of a problem as not having one at all. Especially, when you experience our lightning fast repair service.

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