About Us

At AC Repair Houston TX we want to make sure you get the highest quality installation and service for your Heating, Venting and Cooling needs. And we don�t only help people in Houston. We�ll drive out to Houston and the surrounding areas to you and give you a free consultation, with no obligation to buy.

During all seasons you want to make sure you�re as comfortable as possible in your house. And a HVAC system won�t only help keep you comfortable it will also keep you healthy as well. During the summer you can keep cool, and you won�t dehydrate. During the winter you can keep warm and you won�t freeze. But they won�t only do this, they will also filter out the harmful pollutants, pet dander, smoke, dust, and mold. Of course the system will need a way to get to the individual rooms of the house, and that�s where venting comes into play. We�ll be able to install venting to each and every room you want us to no problem.

At AC Repair Houston TX we don�t only install HVAC systems we also reapir your current furnace or heat pumps as well. We can repair almost every make and model you may have including RUUD, Goodman, American Standard and more. We

know how difficult it can be dealing with a broken system when it�s too hot or cold out. So we�ll come out as soon as today to give you a free estimate. Having a regular tuneup of your system is a great way to avoid future problems. These tuneups include a cleaning, adjustment and a safety review. Please check out our heating and air conditioning repair Houston FL page for more information about repairs.

Now if your current system is working perfectly then you might consider upgrading your system. One very useful upgrade is a zoning system. This will allow you to perfectly maintian different temperatures in each room or �zone�. Another useful feature is a humidifier or dehumidifier, with a humidistat. The humidistat will allow you do control these 2 upgrades and decided how humid you�d like your house to be. This could be very important if you live in a low or high humidity area. You can learn more about other upgrades on our HVAC Service Houston Upgrades page.

Now when you contact a HVAC company you should ask them a few questions so you can pick the very best one. Here are a few questions to ask your local HVAC specialist:

1. Do you give free estimates?

2. Do you have any guarantees on your services?

3. Are there any guarantees on the HVAC system being installed?

4. When can you come to my house and give me an estimate?

5. How much will it cost when it�s all done?

6. How long will it take to install the HVAC system?

7. Will I be charged overtime, if you work overtime?