Lisa Heilmeier is back this year to take care of Merchandise Sales and Orders. Thank you Lisa! You can reach her @

PreOrder FALL Sales Merchandise

These orders are due Wednesday, October 31, 2018. They will be shipped in time for the holiday season. These are clothing items order, screen printed and embroidered. These items are fulfilled by the same vendors Lisa used for 2016.

This year, we are trying something new. We have created an online Order Form that lists all of the available items. This Order Form (not a shopping cart) was created using Google Forms and feeds a google spreadsheet. If this is successful, processing orders will be much easier, accurate, and faster; and the club will not need to pay extra fees for a shopping cart service.

You can access the online order form here: ABTC Fall 2019 Merchandise Items.

A few comments about the form. You can make as many order forms as you want. You can edit an existing order form after you first submit if you need to correct something. You can order multiple colors of the same item and size. You will need to create an additional order form if you want to order multiple sizes of the same item.

You can print out a paper order form here: ABTC Fall 2019 PDF Order Form