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Andrew Shepherd is a Sport and Exercise Nutritionist whose role is to help athletes improve their nutrition habits, technique and processes through individual workshops, small group workshops and lectures/talks enabling them to perform at their best.

In addition to holding a BSc and M.Dip from Sheffield Hallam University, Andrew is also a Practitioner Registrant with the Sport and Exercise Nutrition register (SENr), holds a Level One Anthropometrist (ISAK Level 1), Level 2 certificate in Food Safety, the UKAD Accredited Anti-Doping Advisor Certificate.

After retiring from swimming following a successful career which included national medals as well as international representation. Andrew now leads the performance nutrition team at Loughborough Sport/Loughborough University as well as being director of Absolute Sports Nutrition, previously working with Swim England and Sheffield Hallam University (including Team Hallam, Performance Athlete Support Programme (PASP) and Sport England Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)). In these roles, he works with athletes, parents and coaches of all ages to address nutrition issues faced in day to day training, competition and times of illness and injury. During this time Andrew has supported Amateur, Junior, World, Olympic, Para-Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes.


Individual Appointments

Depending on where you are in your journey will depend on the content and style of delivery for an individual appointment. There are two initial options but these appointments can be tailored specifically to your needs if appropriate e.g. travel nutrition for a specific event or training camp.

Diet analysis with consultation

This appointment included an initial diet log recorded using either paper, online word/sheet/pages documents or on the Libro or MyFitnessPal apps depending on your preference. To go along with this a questionnaire is also collected to give some additional background.

Following this collection of information, a consultation is arranged to run through the results, discussion potential changes and create a plan to improve your nutrition.

Follow up consultation

These appointments often occur after the above to follow up on discussions, move programmes on or review them, adjust goals and create new techniques where required.

These appointments are also used to discuss training targets, set new training goals, adjust existing plans to new training or competition habits, competition nutrition, travel nutrition, health and wellness (immunity) along with many more topics.

Lectures / Workshops

Content designed around your group, from small group session to large scale meetings.

It's important that the content meets the needs or your group, each workshop or lecture is tailored to your groups sport, experience, knowledge and age.

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