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World News is the best categorized News App that keeps you connected with the entire World 24*7 live. It is the most emerging and high rated News app for all kind of international news and other different categories news from all around the world so that everyone can easily use it and to get all the latest updates and happening in the entire world.

AB's Apps is introducing this App as complete Reference to Learn and Understand the Computer Science, Information Technology and Programming Fields thoroughly. It also provides the Latest and Trending Technology News from Multiple Popular Tech News Sources.

The Best Life Changing Biographies App contains the Famous Life Stories and Biographies that Everyone Should Read At least Once in their Life. These are the Life Stories of that Personalities who changed the World.

I bet that You will Enjoy this Awesome App...!!

The Bhagavad Gita is the app that contains The Bhagavad Gita in different international languages. It is not just the Holy Book of Hinduism but It's "The Bible of Mankind".

Holy Religious Books Application contains all the Holy Books, Articles, Study Papers and Stories of all the different Religions from all around the World.

World News Pro is the AD-Free news aggregator app that provides the news from all around the world in suitable news categories, in short, simple and effective form. It is the Pro Version of "World News: A Global and International News App".

Popular Trending (TOP 10) Videos in each category

App contains the top 10 most popular and trending youtube videos in each categories like Music, Entertainment, etc. from popular Youtube channels in different categories.

Guess Quiz by AB's Apps

AB's Apps created a game to educate the children by enhancing their knowledge about objects like animals, birds etc. given in the picture for guessing their names (spelling) using the letters given below.

Weather Worldwide is the best and accurate weather forecasting Application for all over the World Weather. This is the accurate weather app with next 36 hrs (3-days) weather forecasting.

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