What is Project Graduation?

What is Project Graduation?

Project Graduation is an all-night, alcohol and drug-free party exclusively for graduating seniors at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School (ABRHS) in Acton, Massachusetts.Since 1989, parent volunteers and community members have produced Project Graduation for our graduating AB seniors.

Top 10 Things to Know about PG19

Download the 10 Things to Know About PG19 which includes a waiver form. This signed waiver is required to ride the mechanical bull. Students 18+ may sign it themselves, otherwise it must be signed by a parent/guardian.

Project Graduation 2019 Event Details

  • This year's party is on June 07 2019.
  • Open House for the community is 8:00-9:00pm at the ABRHS Auditorium Entrance.
  • Check in for seniors through the ABRHS Auditorium Entrance is between 9:30-11:00 pm.
  • Doors to the event will open at 10:00 pm.
  • Bring an ID, $20 if you haven't pre-paid, and maybe a jacket or extra t-shirt, but no valuables.
  • Enjoy food, activities and prizes throughout the night.
  • Print out the school map with a list of activities. Hint: Get your caricature done early, so you don't miss out!
  • Check out the casino, air hockey, basketball, DJ hair/nails, arts & crafts, food, fun, movies, and raffle prizes at 3:30 am followed by the hypnotist and breakfast.
  • Take your phone to receive texts instead of waiting in lines; we'll have two charging stations to keep you going!
  • Staying for the entire event is the expectation. However, we understand that there could be extenuating circumstances. If a student needs to leave early, we will need to speak to a parent/guardian who must give verbal permission at the time the student is leaving. We strongly encourage parents/guardians to come pick up their graduates. There will be no check-out after 2:30 am. Note: Great prizes and scholarships will be awarded towards the end of the event but only those who are present are eligible to win.
  • The party ends at 5am. Parents should pick up grads at the Auditorium entrance.

Project Graduation Mission

Since 1989, parent volunteers and community members have produced the Project Graduation celebration for Acton-Boxborough (AB) graduating seniors. Project Graduation is an all-night, alcohol and drug-free party exclusively for graduating seniors at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School (ABRHS). The event is held on graduation night from 10pm to 5am at ABRHS in Acton, Massachusetts. Each year, the Project Graduation committeee chooses a theme for the party. On graduation day, volunteers decorate the high school. Before the party starts, we open the doors for the community to see the decorations. Project Graduation needs hundreds of volunteers to be successful. Please join us.

Project Graduation is always a huge success, with over 90% of the senior class attending. The night features live entertainment, arcade games, psychics, crafts, a casino, lots of food, games and much more. The event is held at the high school in a completely transformed surprise theme that rivals a Broadway set! The theme is kept secret for the for the seniors until they arrive at the school for the event at 9:30pm on graduation night. The community is invited to attend an open house from 8:00-9:00pm before the party.

Project Graduation is a non-profit, 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Our tax ID number is 04-3116032. We do not receive any funding from the school budget. This website includes a sponsors' page recognizing and listing all contributions to this event. If you supported us with donations (food, prizes, props, etc.) we thank you very much. If you would prefer to support the event with a financial donation, please make your check payable Project Graduation and send it to: Project Graduation c/o Jennifer Mabardy, 3 Countryside Rd, Acton MA 01720

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