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Things Parents Need To Know About Tongue Ties

Most of the people didn’t have any idea that tongue ties can actually pose an oral problem in children and adults. In fact, most of the people are still not fully aware about tongue ties. Even some dentists don’t consider tongue tie an issue to be resolved. The matter of fact is that tongues can initiate oral health issues which can turn out to be quite serious in the end. It doesn’t mean that tongue ties can always be problematic. But these ties are potentially harmful.

This problem was unknown to many a few years back. But then the dentists and orthodontists started telling people about it. Although, not everyone knows about these ties in detail, more people are getting this information and, thus, they contact the dentists to ask about the solution to the problem.

Due to the efforts of dentists, this information is available to a lot of people. Now the people who know that tongues are problematic also know that it isn’t the issue restricted to just oral cavity. This is the issue which can affect overall health in a number of ways, and hence it needs to be resolved.

What is a tongue tie?

Most of the people relate tongue tie as an issue which can affect speech. The matter of fact is that it isn’t limited to just speech problems. Tongue tie can affect facial development in a number of ways.

There is a lingual frenulum in everyone’s mouth. This frenulum is a set of tissues which connect lower part of the tongue with floor of the mouth under the tongue. Some people can have relatively tighter or thicker lingual frenulum. This abnormal thickness is what we can call tongue tie.

Does it matter?

Yes, it does. The easy way to check if you have tongue tie is that you are unable to settle your tongue in the palate from front to back. If your tongue settles in the palate perfectly, you do not have tongue tie. When the tongue settles properly in the mouth, it tends to provide proper support to the internal part of jaw, ultimately providing support to the entire upper part of the head.

In babies, existence of tongue tie can lead to nutritional problems there could be a problem in breastfeeding. However, ignoring the issue just because mothers manage to breastfeed their babies is not the right thing to do. Tongue ties can affect facial development any way.


Usually, the treatment of tongue ties is not a bigger process. There is minor surgical process required for the release of tongue ties. You just need to discuss options with your dentist.