Things You Need To Know About Orthodontics

Treatment of cavities and gum disease seems to be the common concern of many people who go to the dentist. However, dentistry is not restricted to the treatment of dental and oral health issues. It is also related to how your teeth look. Aesthetic is also the major reason you can go for the dental treatment. The irregularities related to the aesthetics of teeth are treated in the cosmetic dentistry. Moreover, problems like bite misalignment are also treated in this department of dentistry.

Irregularities you can get treated by orthodontist

A few issues which you can get treated by your orthodontist are mentioned as under.

  • Underbite: This is the issue associated with lower jaw which extends over the upper jaw.
  • Overbite: This issue is related to the upper jaw which extends forward in an abnormal manner.
  • Crossbite: This is the problem concerned with the upper teeth sitting in the lower teeth.
  • Crowding: This issue tends to happen when there is not enough room for the teeth to erupt.
  • Spacing: This issue is concerned with spaces between the teeth. Teeth with spaces are usually more vulnerable than normal teeth.

The most common reasons people visit orthodontists are spacing and crowding. These issues are usually identified by a general dentist who then refers the case to an orthodontist.

Why you would need to go for orthodontic treatment

Bad bite, bad contact between the teeth, and severely misaligned teeth are the issues which qualify a person for the orthodontic treatment. Nevertheless, each of these issues is identified by the general dentist. In certain situations, the dentist may be able to treat the problem if the issue is manageable. For instance, Invisalign is the treatment which you can get by your dentist.

Here, it would be worth mentioning that invisalign is the alternate treatment which you can get instead of braces. In the past, all mild and severe issues were treated with the help of braces. However, the advancement of invisalign has made the treatment of issues requiring minor to mild orthodontic care pretty much easier. Age is another deciding factor in this regard. Since aged people have the teeth which are at the peak of maturity, they rarely need advanced orthodontic treatment. Advanced treatment is required by the teeth which are growing.

No matter what orthodontic treatment you are in the need of, the best way is to stay in contact with your dentist. Even if you think that you are in the need of orthodontic care, let your dentist decide if you really need orthodontic treatment at the moment.