Hi. I'm Julia Brettle.

My father began homeschooling me as a kindergartener and continued through middle school. As an eighth grader, I attended Caltech’s Seminar Day where I was enraptured by the lectures JPL project leads gave on the Mars exploration missions. Thus began my dream of becoming an aerospace engineer.

Interested in expanding my academic experiences, I left my homeschool bubble and attended Carlmont High School for freshman year. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting some amazing people, learning with a diverse group of peers, and most of all, joining the school’s robotics team.

Driven to learn about calculus and physics as soon as I could, I self-studied pre-calculus over the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. To continue my accelerated academic pace I’ve turned to community college and online courses and was included in the robotics team leadership for my sophomore year. As a junior, I continued to take advanced community college courses in math and engineering and work on Carlmont High School’s FRC robotics team as a Vice President. Now, as a senior, I am honored to be one of the team's two presidents for the 2018-19 school year as a finish my last year at College of San Mateo and apply to universities.

Although the career path I wish to pursue is engineering, I greatly enjoy the arts. I have been known to write poetry and short stories, draw with pencil and charcoal, pen several types of calligraphy, photograph people, nature, and experiences, as well as take on vocal, piano, and violin music.

Above all, I am a curious student and loving big sister.