Abortion Legislation Bill

The Abortion Legislation Bill has passed its first reading with a vote of 94 to 23. It is time for all of those who care about the most vulnerable in our society to speak up on their behalf. We cannot be silent in the face of such evil.

Please take action. These resources are to help you.

What is it all about? What are the facts?

“Facts” are not always facts. This is a contentious issue and a person’s views on abortion affect what they see to be facts. For example…

  • This article, written by a pro-life scientific organisation, says that the in utero baby can feel pain at 20 weeks or even earlier.
  • This article says that a foetus cannot feel pain at 20 weeks and not until after 27 weeks. But note that the information here comes from an abortion provider!
  • Here is a Stuff article that purports to separate the facts from the fiction. It present a much more abortion-friendly view.
  • Make sure you see the Dr Norman McLean video.

What can I do?

Please remember that in all communication you must be respectful and credible. You might feel angry but do not use abusive or inflamatory language.

Ensure your points are well-researched and well-thought out.

Some of the resources below have guidelines on how to communicate well.


  • Pray earnestly.
  • Praying might be the most pwoerful thing we can do. If God moves there is no limit to what he can do.
  • But do not just pray. God is expecting His people to stand up and be counted.

Sign a petition

Write to your MP and other MPs

  • To email individual MPs or even all MPs in a particular party click here.

Make a submission

  • The final date for submissions is 19 September 2019. Make an online submission here.
  • Alternatively, you can type up and post a submission. The guide below will tell you what is required.
  • Emailed submissions are not permitted.
  • Family First’s submission guide contains all you need: facts about the current and proposed laws, suggestions for responding to the common arguments, how to make a submission. The same information is available online here.
  • Voice For Life also has a submission guide and a 2-page fact sheet.
  • New Zealand Christian Network also has a guide for making a submission.
  • The Doctrine Core Group of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand has issued some notes.

Give to those organisations fighting this

Write a letter to the editor

Talk to your friends

  • Do not be shy about standing up for the unborn child. Now is the time to stand up for what is right.
  • Talk about the issues. People may be woefully uninformed about what all this really means.
  • Use your social media.