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Name: Abdul Basit Majeed Khan

Father's Name: Abdul Majeed Khan

Address: P/O Trarkhel, B.P.O Nathagala, TEH. Hajira, DIST. Poonch, AJK

Cell no: +92-3413430048

Whatsapp: +92-3418854799

Email: abdulbasitmajeed799@gmail.com

Sex: Male

Date of birth: November 09, 1993

Nationality: Pakistani

I was born in Hajira, Azad Kashmir in 1993. Hajira' Azad Kashmir is located at latitude 33° 46′ 18.12″ N, longitude 73° 73° 53′ 45.96″ E and an altitude of 3168 feet. It is 27 kilometers (17 mi) from Rawalakot and 142 kilometers (88 mi) from Islamabad, Pakistan. The town is situated on the bank of a river (which feeds into the river Poonch) in a narrow small valley surrounded by hills. It is the nearest major town from the line of control and Indian occupied Kashmir, specifically Poonch. Hajira is one of four tehsils of Poonch district. It is a sub-divisional headquarter of Poonch district of Azad Kashmir. The main villages included in sub-division Hajira are: Ghameer, Pothi Chhaprian, Kathiara, Paghwati, Dawarandi, Tatrinote, Madarpur, Saher, Mandhol, Buttle, Sahra, Dara sher khan, Rakar, Sarari, Basari, Kaloti, Devigali, kalpur etc. 'Union Councils of Hajira': There are six union councils of Tehsil Hajira