HS Summer Reading 2023 


High School - Each student should read TWO books over the summer: one book from the assigned list coordinated by grade, and the second book, a free choice.  We are hoping your second book will be a MA Teen Choice Book Award Title.

Summer Reading Explained (High School) 

About SORA

SORA is a reading and listening app from OverDrive, provided by the Abington Public Schools  for our middle and high school students.. With SORA, students and staff can access a diverse collection of over thirty-nine thousand ebooks and audiobooks with titles for all grade and reading levels. Students can read or listen to these books using a computer, phone or tablet (including a Kindle or iPad.) First time using SORA? Go here for more info.

Abington students can also add their Abington Public Library card to their school SORA account, which will allow them  to access even MORE e-books and audiobooks from all  the Massachusetts library networks.  Find out more here:

Instructions for SORA  in Portuguese

Grades 9-12 Suggestions

Remember, the Abington Public Library has many of these books!

Happy Reading!