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Were you at Soup #3?


Can you believe it?

So fresh(ish) from the first two soups, there was a real taste to make this Soup a more regular thing! Enter Aberdeen Soup #3… With another four fantastic pitches lined up it was Community Cook and Grow that won the crowd over on the night. Community Cook & Grow who wanted to the ability to have a stall at community events and spread the word on how everyone can grow and cook their own fresh produce and promote the allotment movement. Catherine who delivered the winning pitch said:

“We went along to the first event to what it was like and from then we were hooked! I was a bit anxious about pitching but watching the positive atmosphere in the room from the audience, I was absolutely delighted and winning that night was such a great feeling. We were able to use the money to develop community cooking classes and it gave us the autonomy to go out and develop ideas that were previously unable to do because of restrictions with our funding. It was brilliant to see our ideas come to life and to see more people learning about how to cook with local veg.”

Catherine also had some great tips for those who are pitching at Aberdeen Soup #10, practice your pitch and time it so you able to and deliver it without notes and make sure you connect with the audience!

We just have 5 weeks until we hit our double figures with Aberdeen Soup #10 and we cannot wait! Still need a ticket? You can buy your tickets via our Eventbrite page here.

In the mean time please share any pictures you have from previous soup events as we would LOVE to share them!

Remembering Soup #2


Applications are open!

The countdown is most definitely on! Tickets on sale for Aberdeen Soup #10 and applications are now open for you to pitch at the event on the 10th of June!

Do you know anyone who runs a community group, has an idea or just needs a boost to get them over the line to deliver something special? You can apply here to let people hear your story. Not only will you get the chance to pitch your story to a crowd but also have a fantastic opportunity to network with a vast group of people all there because they support local community actions.

Now let us remind you of the winner of Aberdeen Soup #2 which took place in February 2017 Cook in the Nook which is a community kitchen based on Poynernook Road, it was completed late in July 2016 and officially opened on the 17th November 2016. They won because their community kitchen really appealed to the crowd and supported people to build confidence, foster social relationships and meet with people from partner organisations. They were specifically aiming to raise money towards their cooking on a budget sessions with the aim to provide up to 280 people the chance to take part in the session.

Finally did you see the story about us on the Evening Express website?If not check it out here. We are so thankful for all the help promoting our events and remember you can purchase tickets via Eventbrite now!

Phionna McInnes Chief Ninja, Me Too!

The first Aberdeen Soup



Last week we launched Aberdeen Soup #10 and as mentioned last week we want to celebrate all those Soups that came before starting with #1!

The first Aberdeen Soup took place on November 20th 2016. Scheduled to be a one off it turned out to be a success!

The first 4 pitches were House of Lila, Geology Rock Girls, Befriend a Child and the winner of the evening Me Too!.

Chief Ninja of Me Too! Phionna McInnes couldn't be happier with being the first winner!

"I'm always proud to tell people that Me Too! won the first Aberdeen Soup. From initially feeling very nervous speaking to a large group of people, I was quickly made welcome and felt relaxed enough to tell my story. I love the concept of Soup which brings a community of people together to offer grass-roots funding to local projects. Relationships were built that night for Me Too! and we continue to work alongside the supporters we met that evening"

The success and amazing feedback of the first Aberdeen Soup which raised £435 really highlighted the need for a real grassroots community sourced funding event that meant those funding projects could see the passion and the dedication of those pitching.

Elaine who is the blender that put all the ingredients together is amazed at the success and all the amazing stories that have come since that initial event in 2016.

“I'm excited that the project has been so well received in the city. Aberdeen has so much energy and innovation happening locally and the fact that we are now entering our 10th Soup reflects that.”

With that, you are all invited to get your tickets for this amazing milestone which you can do here.

Alternatively if you want to apply to pitch at the your idea, project or cause please fill out the form here!

Aberdeen SOUP #10



Can you believe we are serving up our 10th Aberdeen Soup! The project which was only planned to be a one off is just getting better and better!

Organiser Eibhlin said “It feels like no time has past since we launched Aberdeen Soup back in November 2016 and now, we are heading for the 10th. It is an honour to be involved and see everyone’s stories. Aberdeen Soup is not just about the winners but the ability to network, meet people, share ideas and skills to support each other from the ground up.”

To celebrate the 10th Aberdeen Soup we will be sharing an update for all the winners from the past 9 events and some of the other participants, make sure keep an eye out here and on our social media for those.

In the mean time if you know of any one who might benefit from pitching at the 10th Aberdeen Soup get them to apply here!