Abdelkareem Bedri


I'm a PhD student in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and an incoming Research Scientist at Apple's Sensing Technologies research group. My research interests are in activity recognition, wearable computing, mobile health and human-computer interaction. In the past few years I've worked on sign language recognition, silent speech recognition, and automatic diet monitoring. I'm advised by Professor Mayank Goel, and during my master's degree at Georgia Tech I was advised by Professor Thad Starner and Professor Gregory Abowd. I received the Google, Qualcomm, KAAYIA, and CMU Presidential fellowships as recognition for my research work.


  • 2/10/2021: I successfully passed my thesis proposal!

  • 1/31/2021: Invited to give a talk in the Insper Session at the Orooma conference 2021 (talk's link).

  • 9/30/2020: I received the Google PhD fellowship in HCI!

  • 9/30/2020: Final day of my Apple Research internship.

  • 9/25/2020: I signed a full time Research Scientists offer at Apple!

  • 6/1/2020: I started a new research internship at Apple working with Gierad Laput and Jared Zerbe.

  • 1/18/2020: I attended the Georgia Tech FOCUS fellow program for future faculty.

bedri@cmu.edu, Smart Sensing for Humans Lab (SMASH-LAB) TCS 235.