Teaching Philosophy

I believe the fundamental goal of teaching is to nurture learning. My goal as a teacher is to provide the necessary conditions for my students to build their confidence and capabilities in the material I present. My pedagogy is anchored in three overarching principles: knowledge, know-how and know-why, and social change.


In each field, there is a body of established facts that I hope to impart to my students. My students are at the core of my lesson planning process. I always have the following questions in mind: how do I engage them actively? How can they be challenged? And how can I inspire growth in them? In my class, the fundamental concepts are organized in digestible pieces and I encourage participatory learning through brain-storming and activities.

Know-how and know-why

I want to inspire learning and I believe that when the learner is able to replicate by him/herself what he/she is learning and know how and why that knowledge was developed, he/she will be able to independently further his understanding, critically evaluate the materials, and even find more efficient alternatives. I do so by presenting to my students the primary sources and the methods that helped establish the stylized facts in the field. Essentially I exposed them to basic econometrics through step by step tutorials to replicate the stylized facts and then introduce appropriate modifications in their assignments for them to replicate the facts and investigate other aspects of the subject. This has a double advantage. First, it helps the students hone their skills in econometrics, essential for an economist profession. Second, it increases significantly their confidence in their ability. Students are invited to use those skills in group projects and presentations.

Social change

It is tempting when you are between the walls of a classroom, to see the learning materials as unrelated to the larger world outside. I make sure to engage actively my students with the topics discussed. I invite guest speakers who are actively working or dealing with related subjects. I encourage my students to develop social entrepreneurship projects to tackle issues we discuss in class and that their communities are facing. Through my courses, each student (or group of students) work on her/his (their) social enterprise. They learn from inspiring social entrepreneurs and also have the opportunity to submit their project for grant opportunities.

Teaching Experience

University of Kentucky

Undergraduate Instructor

AEC 309: International Agriculture, World Food Needs and U.S. Trade in Agriculture Products, Fall 2016

AEC-303-002: Social Entrepreneurship, Spring 2016

AEC-303-003: Doing Business in Africa, Spring 2015

Invited Guest Speaker

SOC 360: Environmental Sociology, Spring 2016.

Abomey-Calavi University (Benin)


Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation and Grant Writing- Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Abomey-Calavi. - 2015

Introductory training on R packages for statistical modelling; Training for young researchers and Ph.D. students at Abomey-Calavi University (Benin). - 2014

Seminar on Young Students After Colleges: How to Succeed as a Young Researcher or Professional. Training on job application, research proposal writing, grant submission, application to graduate school, presentation of academic research (oral and writing). - 2012

Advising (Research)

Advisor for Samsom TOULASSI, M.Sc. Thesis in Agronomy on “Value chain analysis of fish supply chain in and around Pendjari Biosphere Reserve.” - 2009

Advisor for Victor SOSSOU, B.Sc. thesis in Economics on “Impact of micro-credit on women livelihood in Abomey-Calavi municipality.” - 2009

Advisor for Victor SODEGLA, B.Sc. thesis in Geography on “Adoption and impact of mixed crop systems with Cajanus cajan (L.Millsp) on farming performances.” - 2009

Advisor for Hypolithe Cocou TCHILEHOUN, B.Sc. thesis in Geography on “Effect of land management on agricultural productivity within Adja ethnic groups (Benin).” - 2009

Advisor for Maurice AZANLIN, M.Sc. thesis in Natural Resources Management on “Ancient and actual repartition area of mammals in south of Benin: case of Syncerus caffer Sparrman, 1779.” - 2009

Advisor for Sèdagbandé Christian AYIWAHOUN, M.Sc. thesis in Economics on “Economic analysis of tomatoes marketing system in Benin.” - 2008

Advisor for Gilles GBAGUIDI, M.Sc. thesis in Geography on “Evaluation of the impacts of PAMF project on natural resources conservation in Wari-Maro state forest.” - 2008

Advisor for Macrine Hounsavi, M.Sc. thesis in Geography on “Inventory and uses of natural resources in the Sô valley.” - 2008

Advisor for Appoline ASSOGBADJO, M.Sc. thesis in Geography on “Social and economic importance of Borassus aethiopum in Benin.” - 2008