Abdelaziz Lawani

Applied Economist & Data Scientist

Dr. Lawani Abdelaziz is a Faculty member in the Department of Agriculture at Eastern Kentucky University. Dr. Lawani has a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Kentucky. Previously, thanks to the Fulbright Scholarship, he completed a Master's degree in Economics at North Carolina State University. He is originally from Benin where he received a Master's degree in Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology in 2008 and a Bachelor in Agronomy in 2006.

His research interests lie at the interactions of Agribusiness, Development & Environmental Economics, and Machine Learning. His training gives him a strong multidisciplinary background that allows him to work on a variety of topics. He is currently working on using machine learning, remote sensing (drones and satellite data), social networks, and consumer-generated content (reviews, commentaries) to infer economic agents’ behavior from small-scale farmers in developing countries to consumers in Western economies.

Besides his research works, Dr. Lawani is also a serial social entrepreneur. He is always eager to translate his researches into concrete solutions for development. The social impact of his works led him to feature among the 35 under 35 young innovators in francophone countries in 2016 and the Clinton Foundation honor roll in 2017.