Antonios Bouris

Communication Designer, M.Des

Graphic Designer, BA Hons

Photographer, Cert

about me

I've been on the cutting edge of visual storytelling since the early 1990s. My journey in the design world has been varied and rewarding. I have had jobs as Communication Designer, Creative Strategist, Senior Graphic Designer, Prompt Engineer, and Brand Manager. 

When I first started going to uni, I developed a deep love for design, creative thinking, photography, and the subtleties of digital culture. In the past few years, I've been exploring the exciting field of artificial intelligence, combining its huge potential with my deeply held design philosophy. I'm still very passionate about Design Thinking, and I'm always up to date on the newest technological developments. My approach isn't limited by what's usual. My interest in new design techniques and the constantly changing world of technology will never go away. At the point where art, technology, and AI meet, I constantly push the limits, change the way things are done, and promote new ideas. Come into my world, where art and technology meet, and see how traditional design changes when seen through the lens of the future.