Welcome to the Australia-India Hub (AI Hub) for Cybersecurity & Digital Innovation.

Latest News, <click here> Prof. Kamaljeet Sandhu has been awarded a prestigious new competitive international grant from the Australian Government for Cybersecurity & AI Innovations, and to provide leadership to the team on long-term educational needs for Australian-Indian Universities and Governments to collaborate, educate, and train businesses/practitioners and provide digital skills that build on new knowledge, vigilance, and awareness about Cybersecurity issues. <click for more information>

(June 2023) Prof. Kamaljeet Sandhu was awarded the prestigious and competitive international research grant for "Strengthening Australia-India Cybersecurity Partnership for Digital Innovation" from the Australian government, ARCH-India, and Australia India Institute, based at the University of Melbourne. 

Prof. Sandhu established the independent AI Hub and leads large numbers of academics, researchers, scientists, and practitioners, from Australia-India and internationally, at international symposiums and conferences (hosted at San José State University, California USA, and at Hilton Sydney, Hilton Melbourne, Hotel Leela Palace in New Delhi, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) India, and the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode). The AI Hub strengthens researcher engagement between India and Australia. Its primary aim is to evolve strategic collaboration for research excellence for both countries on this digital platform. 

The AI Hub International Symposiums were attended by large numbers of senior delegates from the Australian-Indian universities, VC (PAU), PVCs, Deans, Heads, Directors of Research, Professors, Senior Ministerial Government delegations, and  Industry  Senior Executives from Microsoft, IBM, HCL Technologies Limited, Amazon Web Services, Ernst & Young Australia, CSIRO, ING Australia, Deloitte (San Francisco), Grant Thornton LLP, Arlington, Virginia, United States, LogRhythm, Gulf & India, Paramount Doha Qatar, VARINDIA, Former National Cyber Coordinator India, Defence Services Australia-India, Indian Administrative Services, Power Grid Corporation of India, Western Australia Police Force, IIT Delhi, Scientist G- DST India, and IWA Digital Water India.

The AI Hub aims to establish Cybersecurity partnerships for Digital Innovation. This is being achieved through research and innovation for modern technologies. Our advanced research in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, Fintech, Metaverse, Robotics, and others, will drive innovation to modernize digital systems. At AI Hub we focus on a multidisciplinary aspect of the organizational, human, and technology role. 

AI Hub provides advice for improving digital security to people, businesses, and institutions online. No matter how small or big an institution is, cybersecurity is equally important for the smooth functioning of the organization. 

We work with our leading scientists, researchers, academics, practitioners, universities, businesses, government, and other leading experts in projects and also provide critical information to investigate and develop digital solutions.

We can offer support to new and existing startups wanting to establish cybersecurity and digital systems in their business model. Startups can benefit from our expert knowledge and expertise in establishing digital businesses that can be scaled to their requirements for cybersecurity. 

We partner with Venture Capitalists (VCs) wanting to invest in new and existing startups, an area growing very fast, especially in India and Australia. Our expertise in connecting VC to new startups is an opportunity that can lead to a long-term relationship in building resilience for cybersecurity businesses.  

We collaborate with businesses, government institutions, and universities both in Australia and India to develop projects and bring in international top-class expertise from leading scientists, researchers, and practitioners. Our colleagues are internationally recognized experts in their fields and have worked on multidisciplinary projects across many countries.

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