Aaron Umen is an athletic individual with a passion for helping others. He currently plays tennis for the Men’s Tennis team at Case Western Reserve. Umen also volunteers with the World Bird Sanctuary and the Food Recovery Network.

Aaron Umen

Since 2018, Aaron Umen has played tennis for Case Western Reserve’s Men’s Tennis team. A lifelong athlete with a natural ability in the sport of tennis, Umen is proud to be a Spartan! Since joining the team, Umen has enjoyed several career highlights. During the 2018-2019 season, he finished the year ranked in 25th place as a singles tennis player in the Central Region. He was also named on the All-UAA First Team. His 18 wins during the season also made history for the program, as this meant he won the 21st most tennis matches ever before.

During the summer, Aaron Umen works as a tennis coach and counselor at local athletic clubs. This entails running tennis clinics for advanced, intermediate and beginning players. The role also sees him working one-on-one with athletes for individual lessons. Although this experience is largely about helping the other players, it’s a fantastic opportunity for his own practice! In the future, Umen hopes to coach a youth tennis team. Even when his own days of tennis are behind him, he will still be dedicated to the sport as a coach and counselor!

World Bird Sanctuary

Since 2016, Aaron Umen has supported the World Bird Sanctuary as a Lower Site Volunteer. He currently has over 200 volunteer hours logged to date. Through his role, he works closely with the head groundskeeper to maintain and sustain the location’s grounds. This include building, maintenance and cleaning of large cages and habitats that house birds of prey.

Since 2018, Aaron Umen has logged over 100 volunteer hours with the Food Recovery Network. He now stands on the initiative’s Executive Board as Treasurer. This increased responsibility requires him to work closely with Campus Government to establish the Food Recovery Network’s budget and the allocation of funding from sponsored events.

The Food Recovery Network is a nonprofit initiative that delivers and serves uneaten food that would otherwise go to waste. This effort benefits local soup kitchens, including St. Augustine Church and Hunger Center as well as St. Matthews United Methodist Church.