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Innovative fire protection solutions for emerging technologies.

Download this guide, Affecting Change Through Codes and Standards, for understanding the codes and standards process and how using this process will advance your innovative fire protection solution.

Since the first manned flight in 1902, inventors have continued to improve airplanes and innovate flight. One hundred years later, innovations in flight continue and as, Aaron Johnson, a leading authority on fire protection, life safety, and code compliance for aviation facilities writes, we must communicate and share the new technology which is emerging to protect the lives and property in that sector.

Understanding what is required for aircraft hangar fire protection systems, and how to assess the status of these systems, leads to peace of mind for valuable aviation assets and properties.

As the aviation world continues to evolve so must our tools, tactics, and strategies. One of the most critical components of an effective strategy is the codes and standards that we must perform our jobs to. To address the rapidly changing aircraft environment new codes and standards must be developed to address these changes and our response to them.