Download this guide, Affecting Change Through Codes and Standards, for understanding the codes and standards process and how using this process will advance your innovative fire protection solution.

The last few years have brought significant change to the aviation industry. These changes have been brought through new developments in the codes and standards that more adequately reflect today's modern aviation environment and emerging aircraft technologies. These changes affect three distinct areas - facilities, emerging technology, and firefighter response.

To help the ARFF industry respond to new technology involving eVTOL and urban air mobility, and to provide a path toward safe emergency response and operations related to UAM, the ARFF Working Group has established the UAM Committee.

CPTED is a largely unheard of concept for the fire service. However, it is a concept that the fire service should fully embrace. In recent years the fire department concept of Community Risk Reduction (CRR) has prevailed. This is the concept of reducing risk of all types, not just fire, within a community. CPTED ties directly into the goals and objectives of a CRR program and benefits the community, first responders, and designers.