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Fire Protection for Hangar Design

Discover Peace of Mind for Your Aviation Assets

What you really want is peace of mind. As a building owner, facility manager, or fire protection professional you are responsible for maintaining a safe and productive environment. You want to be assured that your aviation facilities and assets will be protected and risk of loss is minimized or eliminated. Are you doing everything you can to promote life safety and prevent fire losses from occurring? This book shows you how.

You will discover how to:

  • Clearly define hangar use, classification, and construction type.

  • Understand the options and alternatives for hangar fire protection systems.

  • Identify, control, and mitigate common aviation facility hazards.

  • Apply codes and standards for compliance.

Practical guidance on the four critical components that must work in harmony to ensure the protection of aircraft hangars and aviation assets - construction, systems, hazards, and codes.