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I'm a Chilean researcher at Centro de Estudios de Fisica del Cosmos de Aragon (CEFCA) in the city of Teruel, Spain. My research interests include Galaxy formation and evolution, Large Scale Structure, Semi-analytical models, High redshift galaxies and Lyman-alpha radiative transfer.

My work is mostly concentrated in predicting galaxy properties from hierarchical semi-analytical models of galaxy formation.

I have developed models for nebular emission in star-forming galaxies by combining radiative transfer and photoionisation codes to semi-analytical models. In order to understand the properties of Ly-alpha emitters, I developed a Monte Carlo radiative transfer code of Ly-alpha photons that allows us to predict the escape fraction and line profiles of these photons.

Many large cosmological surveys are currently targeting emission line galaxies (ELGs) to probe the Large Scale Structure of the Universe, particularly at high redshifts. I'm especially interested in characterising the properties of ELGs to be used as cosmological probes. In my latest paper, we demonstrate that capturing the Galaxy Formation mechanisms that shape the galaxy population studied is crucial for modelling their clustering, even on large scales. Specifically, we developed a model to describe satellite kinematics, showing that this leads to and accurate description of the multipoles of the correlation function down to sub-Mpc scales.

I'm an active member of the J-PAS survey, an ~8500 square degrees survey of the northern sky with 56 optical narrowband filters. Within this collaboration, I coordinate the "Global Galaxy Properties" Science Group. J-PAS is carried out in the OAJ observatory that is operated by CEFCA. The survey is scheduled to start by 2018.

I am also member J-PLUS, a predecessor of J-PAS. This survey was designed to provide the photometric calibration for J-PAS, but its data allow for multiple science projects from stellar to extragalactic astrophysics. In J-PLUS, I am a member of its Survey Science Committee. I'm also leading a project to detect and characterise z~0.75 ELGs detected by their [OII] 3727 emission..

I obtained a PhD in 2010 from Durham University, UK, under the supervision of Dr. Cedric G. Lacey and Prof. Carlton M. Baugh. My thesis title is "The Nature of Emission-Line galaxies in Hierarchical Cosmologies", and it's available here.


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