Sarcastic Voyage - Essential sketches

“The canon,” if you will — a hand-picked selection of our best sketches, as well as those sketches most relevant to our ongoing radio plays and serials.

Aaron Faucet 2017

Aaron's taken his first night off in 30 years, and stepping in is guest host “Stormy Normy” Wilson.

Aaron Faucet supercut

Every Aaron Faucet sketch we've ever recorded (as of early 2016), compiled into one giant full-length episode of his show.

SV Essentials vol 5: 2015 - 2016

Our final year of regular sketches, bringing many recurring characters' arcs to a close. Also featuring live material from our Emerald City 2016 show.

SV Essentials vol 4: 2014

Expanding our recurring characters and adding new ones to the mix, including Puberty Cop, the Underwater Realtor and Sheriff Goose.

SV Essentials vol 3: 2013

New performers join the cast, including an appearance by Space Ghost Coast to Coast voice actor George Lowe!

SV Essentials vol 2: 2012

The birth of Mustache Charlie, Frank & Sandra and the cows, as well as the first appearance of Orson Welles, and so much more!

SV Essentials vol 1: 2011

Our earliest sketches, re-recorded and re-edited with better equipment and performed by our full voice cast.