Sarcastic Voyage - Radio Plays - The Gentleman Magician

Charles Delgado's career as a mystery-solving magician hides a shocking secret: he's actually a mystery-solving magician!


  • By this point, it was starting to become clear that SVT would be winding down soon. Since I'd given each of our local troupe the chance to shine in a starring role (apart from myself — I had an idea for that one but nothing ever came of it), I wanted to give one to longtime Unpaid Voice Acting Player Jason Wallace. Unsurprisingly, he was brilliant.

  • This character was largely based on Mandrake the Magician. Mandrake, like so many other characters from this era, basically exploited non-Americans for his own gain. He had a wacky foreign sidekick and everything. So I wanted to use our "modern sensibilities" to shine a light on how awful these old-time protagonists really were. I'm not sure the comedy came through as much as I'd like — sometimes I have trouble balancing comedy and serious issues in a story like this.

  • “Charles Delgado” was a reference to William Powell's character from the Thin Man movies — Nick Charles. (Delgado is "thin" in Spanish.) I wanted this character to be a sort of suave William Powell type and I think Jason really sold that. The point was to make him charming and likable but to very clearly say it's still not okay that he's kind of a racist.

  • I've also gotten a lot of comedic mileage out of not knowing the difference between stage magic and “real” magic. Both are equally dumb to me. (Sorry, people who believe in magic.)

  • Johnny Foreigner is, of course, Tordovian, which is our go-to stand-in for “exotic foreign” characters. I wanted to do a story that talked about how racist these old stories were without actually writing more racist characters in the process. Which is pretty much the whole point of Tordovians!

  • “Take a saw and saw him” is a reference to Strong Bad.

  • Sabrina as the snotty kid was great. That is all.

  • Of course the cop is Irish. The cop is always Irish. And I'm amazed we've never used Brian for one of these before.

  • Yeah, I hit the horrible racism pretty hard here. I don't regret that. I just wish it had been funnier.

  • Maggie and I pretty much just swapped our usual Tordovian voices for these roles — I did her voice for Sandra, and she did my voice for Frank.

  • “Dane Janitor” and “Scotch Steward” follow in the long tradition of named Tordovian characters from Contentment Corner.

  • Amanda's doing her best Marc Evan Jackson here. And it's quite good.

  • “As a white American male...” Look, I told you this wasn't subtle. Did... did you not believe me?


Brian Lynch - Lt. O'Murphy

Maggie Rowbotham - Dane Janitor

Amanda Smith - Volunteer, Translator

Sabrina Snyder - Obnoxious Kid

Jason Wallace - Charles Delgado

Ron “AAlgar” Watt - Johnny Foreigner

Written & directed by Ron “AAlgar” Watt with Amanda Smith

© 2018 AAlgar Productions