Sarcastic Voyage - Contentment Corner

An ongoing comedy soap opera set in the Sarcastic Voyage universe

Jumping ahead to 2017. The town is terrorized by a serial killer, Vatican St. Corby's daughter is a “bad girl” and a high school kid named Tron can see beyond the fourth wall. And this is all in the first episode! (2017-2018)

It's five years later. Zyzzyx Jones is still dead, Vatican St. Corby is in high school and a young witch challenges Candida's position. (2016-2017)

1987. An idealistic young radio deejay named Aaron Faucet comes to a sleepy little North Dakota town called Contentment Corner. (2016)

Season 1 soundtrack

Original music composed and performed by us. Includes a number of faux-1987 background pop songs heard at Aaron's radio station.

Season 1 score

The original musical score that accompanies our episodes. Composed by Ron “AAlgar” Watt.