Sarcastic Voyage - Contentment Corner

An ongoing comedy soap opera set in the Sarcastic Voyage universe

It's one year after the series finale of our long-running melodramedy. The once-sinister Zyzzyx Jones is now the benevolent mayor of the small North Dakota town. But can she save Contentment Corner from the most dire threat it's ever faced? (2019)

Jumping ahead to 2017. The town is terrorized by a serial killer, Vatican St. Corby's daughter is a “bad girl” and a high school kid named Tron can see beyond the fourth wall. And this is all in the first episode! (2017-2018)

It's five years later. Zyzzyx Jones is still dead, Vatican St. Corby is in high school and a young witch challenges Candida's position. (2016-2017)

1987. An idealistic young radio deejay named Aaron Faucet comes to a sleepy little North Dakota town called Contentment Corner. (2016)

Season 1 soundtrack

Original music composed and performed by us. Includes a number of faux-1987 background pop songs heard at Aaron's radio station.

Season 1 score

The original musical score that accompanies our episodes. Composed by Ron “AAlgar” Watt.