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AACP at APA 2018

Dr. Michael Flaum accepting the 'Organizational Distinguished Services Award' on behalf of AACP from Anita Everett, current APA President and immediate past president of AACP!

AACP Founding President Gordon Clark, with Board Members John Santopietro, Curtis Adams and AACP President, Michael Flaum

John Santopietro was honored with a special award for "Soulful Leadership in Community Psychiatry," and Curtis Adams as the "Quintessential Community Psychiatrist."

Dr. Curtis Adams, Anita Everett, current APA president and immediate past president of AACP, and Dr. Michael Flaum

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AACP Board Member Lisa Dixon co-hosts a new podcast:

Psychiatric Services Editor, and AACP Board Member, Lisa Dixon on the Journal Podcast