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Unfortunately, very few in this planet have easy access to necessary career development resources. For instance, some communities may lack college-level teachers who have the most "up-to date" knowledge (say, in the field of science & engineering). The goal of this project is to ensure that every individual on this planet has easy access to resources needed to carve out a great career.

As of today, one of the first goals is to apply our efforts for the betterment of projects at ("Asha for Education" endeavors to help the under-privileged children in India with education ). We are also advocating for affordable high speed internet access for all communities globally (since many educational/training resources are available online).

News Updates

  • 28 July'17: Partnership with is being worked out. The goal is to help some Haitian kids, in need, get ready for future economic opportunities, including entrepreneurial ones.
  • 20 June'17: In an project, e-mentoring options are being explored. The goal is to help some kids, in need, get ready for future economic opportunities.
  • 15 April'16: aims to take online education to places with low internet bandwidth. is working around language barriers.
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Career Development Resources

Basic Education

Advanced Education

Finding Your "Calling"

Entrepreneurship 101 (Jobs do not grow on trees - Someone has to create them)

Tips for Jobsearch

  • Where to find job postings
  • How to prepare resume


Application Domains

  • Asha For Education

Case Studies

  • Motivational Speech by Denzel Washington (quote: " .. I was a, 1.8 GPA one semester, and the university very politely suggested it might be better to take some time off. I was 20 years old, at my lowest point ...")
  • ...

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