2019 Weekly data

-Values in the tables below are reported as colony forming units/ 100 ml. The value indicates the concentration of enterococci present in the water at the time the sample was collected. A value over 104 cfu/ 100 ml indicates an increased risk of illness associated with swimming. Those values will be posted in red.

-After a rain event of 0.5 inches or more, it is advisable to avoid significant contact with the water for 48 hours. A message will be posted at this site if there has been significant rain in the area before sampling.

-In addition, always use good judgment. If you have open cuts, make sure they are covered. Very young children that accidentally swallow water while swimming are also at a higher risk of gastrointestinal issues.

2019 Severn data file.xlsx
2019 Magothy data file.xlsx
2019 Rock cox stoney data file.xlsx