Artificial Intelligence for FinTech

AAAI 2023 Inaugural Summer Symposium

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

July 18-19, 2023

The AI4FinTech Symposium is the first symposium on AI for FinTech and is part of the AAAI 2023 Inaugural Summer Symposium which will be held in Singapore. The symposium includes invited talks, panel discussions, paper presentations, poster sessions, and student showcases. The symposium aims to provide an opportunity for participants to discuss recent advances in applying AI techniques to the financial industry. 


The symposium will be held July 18 - 19, 2023, in Singapore. See Schedule for the details on the program outline and venue information.

Invited Talks

Different topics will be presented and discussed by the following invited speakers (alphabetical order). See Invited Talks for detailed information.

Panel Discussion

Join our dynamic panel discussion featuring experts in AI, Web3, and Crypto, as they explore the synergies and future implications of these cutting-edge technologies. See Panel Discussion for detailed information.

Organizing Committee

Nanyang Technological University

National University of Singapore

Singapore Management University