Ian Franklin

Hello Peter

Ive just arrived back in Chiang Mai and saw your mail. Thank you so much

It certainly is much appreciated.

Off course please use the website to let clubmates know what happened:

The background is that I came over to England to watch the world Championships and help some riders in the Thai Junior team and meet up with many people I know. My two sons live in Leeds so erything was very handy for me with free accommodation too!

On Friday 20 September, the day before the Worlds started I was 57 miles into a 70 mile bike ride and riding just past Wetherby when a woman driving a Mercedes ran me so close that my bike hooked onto her wing mirror and flung me across the back of her car and landing in the middle of the road with a huge crash. I smashed my hip, cracked my femur and a rib and received multiple abrasions.

It so happened that the woman is 83 years of age and has one previous incident in which the local policeman (a club cyclist) tried to get her to surrender her licence. This time he is giving her the choice between surrendering her licence or being prosecuted.

She did admit liability and at one point was standing over me crying.

So I have had a full hip replacement after spending just on two weeks in hospital. After that I stayed with my son until I was declared fit to fly. So I left on 7 November.

The interesting point for club members is that I am using the services of the lawyers that have a full page advertisement (red in colour!) in Cycling Weekly each week. I must report that they have been superb. The head of the practice is a cyclist himself and they know exactly how to handle these type of claims. Within 3 week they secured 2,500 pounds from the insurance to pay for a business class flight back home. With my hip injury I could not have traveled in Economy.

So the prognosis is that I can get back on the bike in January and between then and now I'll be having intensive physiotherapy.

I'm sure many of the club riders using Strava will be breathing a huge sigh of relief as I no longer appear on top of the leader board with my 300 miles per week!!! It gives others a chance.

Thank you again Peter and best wishes to the club members