Sadly Dennis Dale passed away on Tuesday 24th September,

He was a long time member and club secretary. Our condolences to his family we will miss him.

Memories of Dennis……

Many cyclists were sad to lose Dennis Dale a couple of weeks ago and were happy to put pen to paper to record their memories of this much missed gentleman. Please feel free to write any more below.

Dennis taught me how to be a gentleman (work still in progress)……Ron C.

I remember Dennis as a good companion out on the road cycling in good and bad weather…

Many happy memories; lots of banter about my computer skills….Beryl .

Dennis paced me up the hills on his electric bike…..Murray.

A reassuring mutual friendship……Peter Coomber.

Being told off by Dennis many years ago for throwing a banana skin in the hedge – he said it takes seven years to break down…..Mick Holliday.

A quietly spoken gentleman –always good company and full of common sense….Duncan W

I remember meeting Dennis on one of my first rides with the A5. A ride on which everyone seemed to have names beginning with "D" - Derek, Duncan, Dennis.... It took me a while to sort everyone out! Dennis was always a joy to ride with - quiet and so courteous and always an adventure to tell us about (but you had to ask!). Trips on canal boats featured in the early days and more latterly his adventure cruising and cycling down the Danube (I think I have the correct river). He was so supportive - came to a couple of my Church Barn dances. One year he came on his own, but wasn't short of ladies queueing to be his partner! A true gentleman who will be remembered with genuine affection. Val

.”Dennis was a gentleman and a lovely guy. When I first joined the club, he would wait for me at the tops of hills”…….Chris Latham.

“I really appreciated Dennis directing me towards the U3A ,so I could study French”……Carol.