IoT HAC Pilot

(Home Automation Cloud)

Building Smart IoT services in Particle Cloud

Theme for pilot hackathon in June 2019 is home automation using particle IoT cloud. Entire series covers 3 sessions.

See hackathon dates, location and registration below.

Outcomes for growth

Design Thinking -

  • Problem solving attitude
  • Process engineering
  • Product & Service delivery as lean startup

Hands-on Technology -

  • Understand sensors
  • Understand API's and JSON data
  • Build webhooks, Data Analytics & Online Presentations

Technology Reads & Vids

What is cloud computing?

What is IoT?

Presenation fron dry run event - Resources page

IOT Hackathon Runbook - Resources page

Online safety

Basics about online identities

Legal disclaimer

Online safety considerations


Hackathon dates/times:

  • Jun 22-23 10AM-4PM Classroom - IoT Basics
  • Sep 14 10AM-4PM Online - Data Analytics
  • Nov 9 10AM-4PM Online - Product launch

Winning teams

In 2018 A2MM piloted an IoT Entrepreneur bootcamp called A2MM Inventor Series. A group of 28 students aged 10-16 came together to form teams, build and launch products working 2 full days in a structured startup environment.

Particle Argon

Powerful tiny Wi-Fi IoT device for creating connected projects and products for the Internet of Things. Its connected to Particle cloud ready to start venturing into building IoT products.

It has just about everything you need to get started with Particle Argon. A no nonsense starter kit filled with all the components and accessories needed to build simple internet enabled projects to boost your hacker level from zero to IoT hero.

Hackathon details

Registration & Cost:



2020 enrollments opening in fall 2019

Enrollment is Closed for 2019

    • Please ensure to complete the registration before you pay.
    • For PayPal DO NOT check the option Paying for Goods or a service.
    • For Payment by check or cash contact Yogesh Chavarkar -
    • Cost covers:
      • Particle Argon
      • Grove IoT Kit
      • Course ware and IoT training
    • Early Bird Price $100/- : April 14-28
    • Regular Price $125/- : April 29 - May 5
    • Credit cards may incur a small PayPal processing fee.