During the year we offer a series of workshop-style bootcamps to offer students a chance to learn new data skills just in time for the Data Dive and to continue to build students’ skills throughout the year.

Our bootcamps are open to anyone, so please feel free to join us and learn! This is also a great opportunity to talk to the organizers if you have any questions about Data Dive itself.

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Data Visualization Bootcamp - Tableau

Thursday, March 21st

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM | North Quad 2435

Tableau offers a powerful set of tools for understanding data and communicating it to different audiences. This bootcamp will cover data visualization concepts and best practices in order to learn how best to explore and communicate complex types of data. It will introduce methods and suggest tools for working with data and creating visualizations.

No prior experience is necessary. This event is open to both students and community members. Food will be provided!

Please bring a computing device to follow along.

Click here for written and video instructions on installing Tableau