The Brave Hedgehog

This is my Storybook project for MLLL-3043-995 at the University of Oklahoma, Spring 2019.

To kick it off, please start at the introduction. If you want to leave some thoughts, you can visit the comment wall!

For each chapter, you will find a piece attached at the bottom of the page. I truly believe that art inspires art, and including a musical element is just one way I hope to increase the quality of your experience while you're visiting my storybook! I am by no means a skilled or experience writer, but you don't need to be a skilled musician to enjoy listening to it!

Resphigi's Pines of Rome, Mvt. III: Pini Del Gianicolo.
Inspired by the wind rolling through the pine trees on top of the hill of the temple of Janus. It includes a recording of a nightingale at the end of the movement, the first of such an instance in music.