A Taste Of The Voice

Samples & More For Perverts...

Stories & Hypno for broken sick fucks... By your ol' homie The Voice 666

Sample Archive - An easy way for you to see if we're going to get along...

Rules - 21 & Over...

Hypno? Wear your headphones. there is a lot going on in the mix.

Stories. Told in 1st person, so you're the star...

WARNING: Perversion & Corruption, Verbal Abuse & More homie... Fuck yes. Enjoy...

Samples For Perverts

Adult Audio For Perverts At Its Finest... fuck yes

Sissy Hypno

Wear your headphones

Album on YouTube

Very Adult Story Time

VAST is a special podcast from the wayback machine. Enjoy.

Very Adult Story Time

Old Man Whore Visits...

More story fun for you, pervert.

 Listen before bed...

Man Whore Visits

The Cabin

Wear your headphones. Make a playlist and just relax, pervert. Time to make some new pals...

Cabin Demo

Filthy Samples For Your "Alone..." Time

Just a smattering of what is in store for you, homie. fuck yes. Poke around. Decide for yourself if you wanna be one of my toys...


Wear your headphones

Hypno Samples

Custom files? Of course..

Custom training? Fuck yes

Connect via NF - my NF link

Mini-faq for the hypno samples. 

Just a smattering of my work.

Customs? Sure. Easy. link

Wear your headphones. there is a lot going on in the mix for any of my Slow work etc.

Stories & More... From your ol' homie The Voice

Fuck yes, from guiding you to your dirtier fantasies to telling ya about some 'o my wanders etc... Ya, I been known to talk ya into cumming all over yourself pervert.

Chores... Stories. Me drunk, or high, or drunk & high, sharing with ya. fuck yes. Enjoy.

Short Call? $4.20 per minute. 

Want to talk or spend some time in a hypno session? $3.33

Check in beforehand, and I'll turn the line on. Instruction by chat? Sure... Easy. 

Niteflirt Plus feed... More. Since more is better

Maybe you feel the need to talk some, hmmm?

Fuck yes... We'll get ya all fixed up, slut...