Cremation & Memorial 

Jewelry & Art


Dee Ketelsen

*Please excuse the state of my website.  I unexpectedly lost 75% of my previous site and am re-doing everything from the ground up by myself.  If you have any questions, please contact me .


I am so sorry for your loss.   

It is a sad reality that if you are here 

you have lost, 

or will soon lose, 

a loved one.

I mourn with you.  

I understand your pain.  

If I could reach through this screen

and give you a hug, 

I certainly would.

When a loved one passes, the world becomes a blur.  

There is so much to do and prepare.  

There are so many things to consider.  

It can be hard to find a sense of peace in all the rush.

I hope your visit here can be that calm and quiet you need.  

I hope as you look through my work, 

you will be able to take a moment to enjoy yourself.  

Take a deep breath.

There is no rush.

When you're ready, 

I hope I can give you a peace that remains.

I am so honored 

to be able to do what I do

Below you will find some examples of my cremation & memorial jewelry & art.

Click on any picture and it will take you to a gallery.

There, you can see examples of colors & styles I have used in previous pieces.

Use them as a guide to creating your own piece.

If you need any guidance, take a look at How It Works .




This is truly my calling

I never knew what that meant 

until I started creating memorial pieces.

I did not know how beneficial my creations were 

until I saw the beautiful, heartfelt reactions 

as I handed my clients their custom piece.

Their custom peace.

Tears, hugs, and tissues are common place here.

Since then, I have created over a hundred pieces for people all over the world!

I have fully devoted my time to creating these 

custom pieces for those who need them.

I've spoken with funeral homes and pet clinics to offer my services.

I've even been invited on Paula Sands Live to speak about what I do.

I am offering my services to you.

If you have the cremated remains, a lock of hair, 

or clothing fabric of a loved one or pet you have lost,

I can use it to create a wonderful memorial piece for you.

I want to give you a different and meaningful way 

to preserve and honor your loved one.

My jewelry will allow you to hold your loved one close to your heart, 

and keep them with you wherever you are.

My artwork will allow you to display the memory of your loved one 

in a tangible, and beautiful way.

I fully understand the impact my art and jewelry can have 

to help with healing and grieving.

I am so honored to be able to do what I do.