Augusto Todoele

Space Malebolge

I dedicate to the Lectura Dantis this commentary of the futurum, conceived from one sentence: that “for Dante hell is a giant projection of the human body.”

To be futurum must mean for us that hell is a giant projection of the human body into space. This enforcement of the dictim, as above so below backward, is as if the poet Lennon’s no hell below us got transported above. If as below so above holds true in the Dantis, when the term above is changed to space, space replaces heaven in the parallel from hell. Hell is the body projected into space with the cantos of the solar system as well, a Malebolge whose orbits transverse in our progress out. You may mutter bardo, astro control of the stars over earth if that gives light to the one blinded eye, but give Dante credit that he reveals this conspiracy of the dominions, principalities and powers hid from common mankind through all the ages, who then reveals the overarching powers Messiah came to confront and transfit, those much admired famous men of many names and faces to trample under feet.

Don’t think we all identify therefore the planets with the organs of the body, the head, live, spleen, blood, heart, intestine, genitals, if you like seven. There are thirteen rings of Malebolge, the completely discovered system, sharply focused parodies, concentric circles of labyrinth that remember hell, being Babylon in the confusion of all things,with its head, Satan, at the bottom overturned, compounding with hell, earth and space in the futurum as if all were bowel. So we don’t ask of any poet nicely packaged diagrams of our dilemma. Let us be content to sketch it out, some parts here more than others, and since it is not one’s work, but all together who seek understanding, await another and another to come and fill out what is left.

Somebody is bound to object it is the male human body projected into space, and hence not inclusive. It is a penis of Master Adam, but were the generic not accepted, let the woman rejoice that she labors to free the man. There are female transgressors from Semiramis, Queen of Assyria to Myrrha, incestuous mother of Adonis.

Now you’re ahead of me in identifying the musical Space Malebolgeans as Tesla, Fates, and Oops, I mean Gates, Musk and Bezos, Dante mixes contemporaries with historical and mythical, so we, but this is not to think that these are any more powers than Gianni Schicchi and Master Adam are figural associations of Geryon, glutton Ciacco or Ugolino. For Dante they were the Powers they personify. In this case but not only, they are vices we may debate. Is Bezos greed? and which planet that would be? What suits you? Such medievalism does injustice to our poet after bigger game. The Powers he names but doesn’t name, we will not say.

To reconcile Dante’s Christian mind and all the biblical basis it brings to understand the projection, after all, the vices are Christian, identified in scripture and have long afterlife in Spenser and Milton and every epic. But the Powers are not specifically named there either.

Further in this vein, if the human projection, below therefore above, is unsavory, as if space could ever have been anything but ourselves when we went there dragging our tails behind, then the comfort of the Christian is also offered in this re-creation of the earth, not just earth but heaven. Presumably hell can be left as it is, not needing any.

Space ColonBus

Dante discovered the ColonBus of every new Malebolge for the world of space

and left a map of the fallen cosmos in human form as a picture of the eye. He takes the physical world as an allegory of the spiritual. We take the Malebolge of those Cantos of the Inferno (18-30) as the space surrounding earth.

The ten ditches represent the ten planets, the Powers, ten branches of learning, if you think there are ten, but otherwise the Ditches of Learning are symbolic of the malefactors who inhabit them, not ourselves. These ditches are the world’s greatest case of projectile diarrhea, all of which shat into the human mind in myth, archetype, science, art, literature and poetry of the most famous sort, for the purpose of success in the world is service to the Malebolge above. Who then is imprisoned in these ditches up if not people, oh? The Gregori, the fallen watchers. How do we know? Well why don’t we take it as fable, a whodunit in Poe where the rulers “swung in their chains” in charred ruin above the heads ("Hop-frog") or the ravenous beasts come and consume the Apollonians who “scud for the hippodrome” ("Four Beasts in One"). Or we might just read I Enoch or Ezekiel. And what better proof than Faustus,

“Think’st thou that Faustus is so fond to imagine

That after this life there is any pain?

Tush, these are trifles and old wives’ tales.”

(Doctor Faustus, I.v. 130f)

Dante’s Canto XXXIV:

”Hell formed following the fall of Lucifer, when the infernal chasm opened right below the point where Christ was crucified on Golgotha.” A “Lucifer composite of many disconnected parts, his immobility and his grotesque…giant with six great wings… negative transcendence…turning upside down at the center of the universe the topsy world from which Satan seems right side up in hell, but head down from heaven from whence he fell. Lucifer is a flight of stairs of perspective incongruity to this dominion, but silent. “If God is the World, Lucifer is nonspeech, the non word. In Hades, Dis without a monstrous aspect was a giant. In the Visions of Tnugdali: giant Lucifer and beast by name of Archerons. V: the covetous must enter the gaping maw of Acheron to be tormented with fire and ice. (Visio Tnugdali: The Vision of Tundale.)

These ten circles of Malebolge in the inferno resemble the large intestine, but take the Malebolge and transport it into space where it surrounds the earth. All human thought issues from this anus, which is not physical but the construction of the Egregori to corrupt and imprison the earth the way people are held in the inferno by their frauds. The Malebolge is a thought form system. It is an allegory of human education in Greece, Rome, England, America. Europe, not to leave out Aztec, and all native worships. Liquid evil of cold, end of Inferno.

The Malebolge is a reverse toilet that flushes its refuse to our world. The fallen assume "many different forms in defiling mankind and lead them astray into sacrificing to demons as gods" (Enoch I.19). Hence the sum of all occult wisdom is the wisdom of the Malebolge, like feces of rocket ships out of alien portals, spirals of snake gateways in the sky. Up and down means little to the settings where a toilet bowl is worn like a hat, a fish hat, that flushes its refuse into the world, meaning the noosphere of human thought. This word from the Greek, introduced by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in his 1922 Cosmogenesis, νοῦς and σφαῖρα, is a lexical analogy to "atmosphere" and "biosphere."

The Dante bowl flushed into our noosphere does not transmit diamonds of light, but waste to defile. The true diamond, the true gold is what we already have on earth that Marlowe’s “erring stars’ want for themselves. Both bowl and hat are up and down depending on how worn, but the eidolon of this "wisdom" is polluted. Waste away! Nephilim are second only to the fallen eidolon that harbor and author these deceits, whose universe behind ours needs to open such portals to come through, which our dear Dr. CERN with sigmoidoscopy hopes to prove.

The Ninth Circle of the Inferno is reserved for that faculty of intellect joined with brute force and evil will. The coming through en masse of a digestion gone wrong, a corporate evacuation to occupy and destroy, rulers, kings, scientist elites who make deals with these portals and end up immured. They think to gain access to the immortal life of published eidol designs that mask as the golden age: good weather, three harvests, long life, which, being translated, means immorality, chemtrails and GMO food, with a bonus thrown in with voice to skull technology called inner wisdom. This is the "light" of Satan's intestine broadcast into earth. It is alimentary Mr. Watson. These are the defecation angels, apologies to Jack.

Nephilim is not the best name for such because it makes us feel sorry for them. How would like to called a Neph? The largest scientific consortiums of the world sponsor these entemenaki- baba-alu openings of Abzu, gate of torn immortals. Try to be nice about it, but know for sure these things grossly horrify that in our time come back to whisper then shout their obscenities from on high. The massive defecations that pose as light constitute a major combat of angels. Every part and parcel of the high knowledge is necrophilic, but no results are found in the search for it. Instead, “studies with incorrect findings are not just rare anomalies, but are actually representative of the majority of published research. Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, put it mild: "Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue." Horton agrees with Ioannidis' reasoning, blaming: "small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance." Horton laments: "Science has taken a turn towards darkness."

Like the whistle blower who would reveal these reptile practices but reneged because he said it would do more harm than good, the fear is that people would be so repulsed that the revelation would refute itself. To say this is so repulsive is its own refutation. Such a term as dragon blood is a metaphor of ritual sacrifice if we get the meaning, for it is neither dragon nor blood. It is so inimical to us that we only address it in metaphor, all the more precarious since its celebration in Tolkien and every such romantic saga, written by the same forces of dragon they create. Reptile blood is the generic insecure.

Whose digestive system is it so disturbed and what has it consumed? Answer: Again, the portal of the Novus ordo seclorum is its anus, which anatomical model of the journey down references eyes, mouths, bloodstreams, then intestines of the Malebolge. Then Dante's enigmatic passage into the Malebolge about what point he must have passed, disgusts, but is appropriately clear (Canto XXXI), as if the arks of diamond schools and higher orders of learning streamed in meteors across the sky are feces, feces of the Secret Doctrine and mystery religion dictating Atlantis, Stonehenge, black holes, Bermuda Triangle, sun worship.

Poets are heroes of this world of undigested giants. They speak for Giants who might be compared to alien farmers who grow poets to serve them to eat, as well as the general populace to consume. It puts a whole new sense on food. If we understand it is more the mind than meat they seek, the more that is eaten the more they need, but then new planets are required to devour. We cannot blame Dante for abstracting a spiritual topology of the human torso into hell and into space, the planet Liver, the satellite fart, the comet fingernail like the rides at Disneyland, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Alpine Matterhorn, not just digestive allegories, but to follow the underworld/gastrointestine theme, the soul within the body as the Inferno.

So many space names come from myth. Why has hell moved to the planets in scientific terms? Paradise could as easy be there. Amaranthus might bloom, or Salvia. It suggests a ruse afoot in space discovery to deceive, (John Lear, Richard Hoagland) with the bare exception of the moons of Uranus named for the characters of Shakespeare, Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, and Oberon. In space the localities of Phlegathon, Archeron, Styxeron are a damned development of MacBeth's Birnam Wood with streets like Bloody Hands, Serpent Underneath and N'er Be Clean to border neighbor Dunsinane. It tells more about the namer than the thing. Surely they have plans to unveil a new psycho-pop planet, Oedipal Complex, Medusa, Medea, Murderous BiPolar, before they get round to naming them for denominations of BitCoin.

Giants aren't space aliens. They are endemic to earth to glorify space exploration to spread the disease. It's not as if poets couldn't think of anything else to write. Perversion, lust and dissolution spill, "stated boldly," one tweeter said, today's Troy is Freudian in myth, Jungian in archetype and pagan in scene, a surrealist combo of dreamlike change. There's no freedom of expression or inspiration in that, or dictation of the divine. It is the hydrocephalic obesity that death embodied long before. On Mt. Hermon at Baal Peor Spit-lust desolation angels, princes of desolation were lords. Mount Cognentis Olympus Solipsis. This imaginative poverty spreads in work and ilk. In the Book of Giants, and plenteously in Enoch, "the land is crying out," that giants being offspring of the defecation angels’ lust made "every animal, every bird [a target] for miscegenation (Book of Giants, 1Q23 Frag), "the outcome of demonic corruption, violence, perversion, and a brood of monstrous beings. Compare Genesis 6.4)." Oh dear. Writers surrender to the apocalyptic constant of their Troy, as the excavation convenes.

But to call roll of these face substitutes is not the tyranny of Greece over Germany, or Philo over Hegel. It doesn't matter whether canonizers of the accepted, the good, the true and the beautiful, are talking about Shelley, Byron, Keats, Whitman, Wordsworth, Dickinson, Dickens or Crane. The canons of order declare them righteous as planets, in whom, if you will pardon the descending rungs of this analogy, the cousins of astronomers, critics have located the unrelenting dementias of hell. The inevitable return of our thought upon ourselves in every case of literature, physics and astronomy is obvious simple in the way planetary and psychological landscapes are named in the 181 natural satellites. Astronomical convention names ts bodies in a Plutonian system of mythological Greek and Roman deities, demons and geography of the Underworld. The moons of Jupiter were named for characters in the life of the demon Zeus, but why should the Jupiter be so named. "Following tradition is strongly encouraged!" say the NASA authorities. Not that this is any different from calling Uranus and Neptune the Ice Giants, as if they were taken from the mythology of the Abenaki with Caucasoid glee. But what tradition is that? The nephilim! What about the Gas Giants? Scientists reserve that for themselves. Most of Jupiter is filled by an underground sea that so squashes its hydrogen you can drink it up, so they belly up also there.

The gods and their wisdom powers, Adam Kadmon, idol of this invention and Blake's Albion, are other guards in this prison. The illusion is that there was a pagan diaspora and the Romantic poets idea of the gods returns, "they will return, the gods for whom you weep." (Nerval). But they never left. That they revived as the illumined Kadmon is false because they never left, but always ruled in the fashion of their illusion. Every spot, every couch in the bower of science and philosophy, oh poetry what have you there, is a Delfica of Apollo, ode to the oracle sport of Skynet – Space Fence.

Blake's Tyger was a commonplace of the mind forged manacles of this myth-science. Geoffrey Hartman's affection for the notion in his latter day delivered the statement that the misprison of our imaginative powers, the exploitation and institutionalization of human fears about them...Mankind, a self-bound Prometheus, exudes the "net of religion" from the guts of his own imagination and, taking the gods literally, worshiping these invented giants, becomes entangled in the net. (Scars of the Spirit, 152)..

But imagination reveals a far worse state than the imprisoning of religion and state. We face a vast illusion of evil masked as a good, exemplified in the idols and stars of all human institution, the Queen of England and all the way down, masked by a good, uninvented mirrored utter evil through and through. Its own perverted justification of itself requires it give open clues of its contempt and desecration of all good. So with the statement, all institutions are demonic (Hedges, Tillich), and the knowledge that all journalism is disinformation along with scientific research and philosophy, we sit for the annihilation of the human.

Two terms above need redefinition, gods and invented giants, which redefinition briefly is that gods are Nephilim and giants are their progeny along with Men of Renown of Genesis 6. Levinas said that the view that "censorious monotheisms," since "recent scholarship has questioned the assumption that ethical monotheism is a spiritual advance" (Scars, 153), is a deceit of morality. Pull aside the veil cast over institutions, science and literature, as we must do now before the illusion of freedom is completely caught in the net of these, we must urge not censorship of the gods, but their annihilation.

Augusto Todoele is a full time ecclesiastic in service as a historian of the illuminated Gospels and texts of Lindisfarne before the time of the Viking raids, until their safe keeping in the Cotton MS in the seventeenth century. Produced when Eadfrith and Ethelwald were bishops at the monastery, written sometime between Cuthbert's death in 687 and Eadfrith’s, their scribe, who painted interlaced geometric animal and bird patterns throughout, until his death in 721, the Lindisfarne Gospels, written in Latin, are the oldest surviving translation of the Gospels into English.