Amy Gross Maker Open Portfolio

This website serves to as a digital portfolio of my maker experience as a student, teacher, and member of the maker community. This site is open and available to the public to be shared and enjoyed by all current and future makers and anyone who ever wanted use their hands and minds to create something wonderful and new!


Making is to me an opportunity to be deviant. Making is an unknown. Making is where creativity and ingenuity collide. My journey with the Maker movement is ongoing- full of growing pains and moments where the idea of being a maker seemed too daunting to attempt. I was not one of those kids that was good with their hands or always had a tool kit handy, but seeing the empowerment and the joy that can come from making inspires me to bring a maker minded education to the students I teach. That way, both they and I can reap the benefits of taking a deep breath, embracing uncertainty, and taking a chance on something that may or may not end up a gorgeous final product but the path to get there was rich and rewarding unto itself.

About Me

My name is Amy Gross and I graduated from the University of Texas with my bachelor's of science in exercise science with a specialization in coaching and a minor in French in 2015. I then completed my M.Ed in Physical Education Teacher Education in Summer 2017. I expect to finish my Uteach post baccalaureate certification by the end of the Fall 2017 with a certification in seniors maths for middle and high school aged students.

I am passionate about teaching and coaching, I am passionate about health and wellness, and I am passionate about taking educational risks and thinking big which is what informs my maker philosophy.

About Me and Making

Being up and active is a pillar of my educational philosophy and Making aligns with my wants and needs for my students in that it forces teamwork, creativity, and most importantly- getting up and out of the pen and paper desk culture that is endemic to most classrooms.

My personal interest in making in focused in products that will aid and improve health and wellness. With my exercise and fitness background, designing projects that help people move easier, feel more alert and awake, and live longer is paramount to me. See some of my projects in my Maker Projects.

In my own personal experience with making, my attempts are always replete with ideas and concepts that don't always work out, but, as I have learned first hand, making is not just about having a quality final product but more about the lessons learned in the process. Eventually, the hard work pays off but not sometimes not in ways I expected.

"When students are engaged and motivated by exploring their own questions, ideas, and interests they learn so much, and better yet, really retain so much of what it is that we want them to learn. By embedding the learning in rich sometimes difficult and complex activity, the student comes away with a deeper understanding"

-Tracy Rudzitiz

Meaningful Making