Andrii Arman

Research Fellow

School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University

9 Rainforest Walk, Room 401, Victoria 3800 Australia


Research interests

Combinatorics, extremal graph theory, random graphs, Ramsey theory, Euclidean Ramsey theory, discrete geometry, complex and classical analysis




  • A note on weak delta systems, accepted for publication in Discrete Mathematics in March 2019 (with B. Kay and V. Rödl).


  • The maximum number of cycles in a graph with a fixed number of edges, submitted in March 2017 (with S.Tsaturian), arXiv: 1702. 02662.
  • Properties of the Fibonacci-sum graph, submitted in October 2017 (with D. Gunderson and B. Li), arXiv: 1710. 10303.

PhD Thesis

MSc Thesis


International College of Manitoba

  • Math 1210 Techniques of classical and linear algebra
  • Math 1300 Vector geometry and linear algebra

University of Manitoba

  • Math 1700 Calculus 2
  • Math 1710 Applied calculus 2
  • Training University of Manitoba mathletics teams