Andrii Arman

Postdoctoral fellow

Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba

Machray Hall, 420, 186 Dysart Rd, Winnipeg, Manitoba


Research interests

Combinatorics, extremal graph theory, random graphs, random algorithms, Ramsey theory, Euclidean Ramsey theory, discrete geometry, complex and classical analysis.



  1. Increasing paths in countable graphs, to appear in J. Combin. Theory Ser. A (2021) 19 pages (with B. Elliott and V. Rödl).

  2. Fast uniform generation of random graphs with given degree sequences, to appear in Random Structures and Algorithms (2021) 24 pages (with Pu Gao and Nicholas Wormald).

  3. The maximum number of cycles in a graph with a fixed number of edges, Electron. J. Combin 26 (2019) 16 pages (with S.Tsaturian).

  4. A note on weak delta systems, Discrete Mathematics 342 (11) (2019), 9 pages (with B. Kay and).

  5. A result in asymmetric Euclidean Ramsey theory, Discrete Mathematics 341 (5) (2018) 7 pages (with S. Tsaturian).

  6. Note on Ramsey theorem for posets with linear extensions, Electron. J. Combin 24 (2017) 6 pages (with V. Rödl).

  7. An upper bound for the size of a k-uniform intersecting family with covering number k, J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 147 (2017) 9 pages (with T. Retter).

  8. Triangle-free graphs with the maximum number of cycles, Discrete Mathematics 339 (2016) 13 pages (with D. Gunderson and S. Tsaturian).

Conference publications

  1. Fast uniform generation of random graphs with given degree sequences, 2019 IEEE 60th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (with P. Gao and N. Wormald).

Other publications

  1. Mathematical Competition of Ukrainian Students 2006–2007 (in Ukrainian, with A. Anikushyn et al.), published by Litera, Kiev, Ukraine (2008) 224 pages.


  1. Independent sets in subgraphs of a shift graph, submitted in May 2021 (with M. T. Sales and V. Rödl).

  2. Every Steiner triple system contains almost spanning d-ary hypertree, submitted in May 2021 (with M. T. Sales and V. Rödl).

  3. Linear-time uniform generation of random sparse contingency tables with specified marginals, submitted in April 2021 (with P.Gao and N. Wormald).

  4. Colourful matchings, submitted in February 2021 (with M. T. Sales and V. Rödl).

PhD Thesis

MSc Thesis


Emory University

  • Math 112 Calculus 2

  • Math 221 Linear algebra

  • Math 532 Graph theory II

Monash University

  • Math 9004 Mathematical foundations for data science

International College of Manitoba

  • Math 1210 Techniques of classical and linear algebra

  • Math 1300 Vector geometry and linear algebra

University of Manitoba

  • Math 1700 Calculus 2

  • Math 1710 Applied calculus 2

  • Training University of Manitoba Mathletics teams