Thank you for partnering with us to restore the Slingerland Family Burial Vault! Our project relies entirely on your support, so you play an important role in preserving this historical site. You will always have visibility into our fund raising effort on this page.

Our Goal: $102,200

Amount Raised: $31,209

Updated 12/1/2018

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Additional supporters:

Kathleen Bragle donated $100 in memory of George W. Bragle

Susan Leath donated $1,000 in memory of Pauline E. Hardy

The Slingerland Foundation donated $10,000

Michael and Anna Dris donated $200

Joe and Mary Ellen Grimaldi in memory of Martha Youman

The Bethlehem Garden Club donated $1,000 in honor of Evonne Lutkus and Virginia Acquario

Frank and Susan Virgilio donated $5,000 in memory of Harmon V. and Catherine Slingerland

Joan Roy donated $2,000 in memory of Ralph B., Josephine, Harmon J., Laura S. and Albert R. Slingerland

Bethlehem Historical Association donated $1,000

Irene Dris donated $100

Michael and Suzanne Mason

Ilona and Len Muhlich

Robert O. Barberi in memory of Obed Finch Slingerland (1919-1945)

Neil Brown and Carol Turner

Lewis and Jean Hecht

Joe Duva

Donald Slingerland in honor of Slingerland Family Reunion Group

Mulligan Family

Jayne Slingerland Brown donated $25 in memory of grandfather John Albert Slingerland

Susan M. Haswell

Raymond Slingerland in memory of Robert David Slingerland

Ellie Prakken and John Simolinksy donated $200 in memory of Craig Jones

Robert and Jacqueline White donated $50 in memory of Howard and Melissa Slingerland, grandparents

Stephen Fryer donated $100

Monty Slingerland donated in memory of Charles Melburn Slingerland, father

Gayle Miller donated $100 in memory of Charles Melborne Slingerland

The Descendants of Elmer & Effie Slingerland donated $165

Jean Mullens Walsh donated in memory of grandmother Mary Slingerland Mullens

Robert and Beverly Hoffman in memory of Howard and Katherine Slingerland

Robert and Beverly Hoffman in memory of Gerald Slingerland, who died in the Vietnam War 1967

Kenneth H. Chase in memory of Beverly Huntington Seaman Chase (Mother)

Mary Ann Randall donated $250 in memory of Mary Shear Brennan (mother) and her grandmother Susie Slingerland (b. 1865)

Donald and Ann Eberle

Jason Virgilio in honor of Sue Virgilio's birthday

Albert and Uyen Slingerland donated $100

Kaitlin Slingerland donated $65

Joan Slingerland Roy donated $200

Ana and Frank Webb

Todd Slingerland donated $250

Garden Bistro 24 Fundraiser $457

Richard Charles Slingerland in memory of Charles W. Slingerland, grandfather

Ron Slingerland in memory of Clara F. Hinkley "Slingerland"

John Dupier donated $25

Please support our project in any way you can.