September 20, 2018

The Archaeology report from the efforts of archaeologists Daniel Mazeau and Sean Higgins on May 5, 2018 was received. The effort included establishing a grid over the vault floor to track where items were found. Debris was collected from each grid space and screened to collect artifacts. This report details that effort as well as the artifacts collected. This chart summarizes the artifacts found.

Thank you Daniel and Sean for volunteering your time to this project!

Archaeology of the Slingerland Family Burial Vault, Mazeau Archaeology and Consulting

August 16, 2018

Thank you to Jack Healy, P.E. of Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis Engineering & Surveying, D.P.C. who volunteered to assess the roof of the burial vault. An indentation was noted in the ground above the vault as well as some dirt infiltration in an empty slot inside the vault, so we wanted to investigate. Volunteers dug down to the roof of the vault from the top and removed dirt from the empty slot inside the vault. No damage to the roof was found. Jack evaluated the exposed structure and is preparing a final report.

Jack Healy, P.E. (Right) discusses findings with volunteer Bob Mullens.

Volunteers Frank Slingerland, Sue Virgilio, Susan Leath and Bob Mullens.

Bob Mullens, Susan Leath and Frank Slingerland work to uncover vault roof.

Exposed vault roof.

Jason Virgilio, Susan Leath and Frank Slingerland work to cover vault roof.

Jason Virgilio works to remove dirt from vacant slot in vault.

July 3, 2018

We have noted an increase in visitors to the vault since we have started work. Today we installed information signs as well as a brochure box which holds information people can take home.

May 5, 2018

Thank you to the archaeologists who volunteered their time on a beautiful Saturday to clean the floor of the vault. Recovered artifacts include bottle fragments, glass, a golf ball, shoes and other generic refuse.



Daniel Mazeau, Archaeologist

Sean Higgins, Archaeologist

April 17, 2018

Albany county legislators William Reinhardt and Andrew Joyce visited the site with Bethlehem Town Supervisor David VanLuven to learn more about our project.

April 12, 2018

The Town of Bethlehem Highway Department was busy raking, adding top soil and seeding today. This will keep the soil intact for future phases of the project.

April 10, 2018

The Town of Bethlehem Highway Department did a great job removing stumps today. A stump grinder was used to gently get the stumps below ground level.

April 5, 2018

The Bethlehem Superintendent of Highways, John "Tiger” Anastasi, and the Highway Department have been busy today regrading the front entrance of the vault and preparing access to the site for future restoration and maintenance.

Larry Rulison of the Albany Times Union provided this great video which shows the freshly groomed right of way to the vault. Thanks goes to the Town of Bethlehem for their great work!

March 29, 2018

The Town of Bethlehem spent all day removing trees from the vault site. Trees and their roots have caused damage over the years, so we are very happy to see them removed.

Please support our project in any way you can.