Project Budget Estimates

Below are preliminary estimates for stabilizing and protecting the vault while retaining the vault’s historic character. These estimates do not include labor and materials provided by the Town.

$50,000 Rebuild stonework at front of vault

$10,000 Replacement of vault door (current door is beyond restoration)

$3,000 Replacement of vault identifying entablature

$10,000 Restoration of entrance (re-set pillars, replace chain, address drainage concerns)

$13,000 Installation of perimeter fence

$1,200 Historical marker

$25,000 Analyze and repair depression on top of vault

$112,200 Total

Funds remaining after the above efforts will be used for aesthetics, such as landscaping, informational kiosk or a walkable path to the site.

Tree removal will be covered under the town’s budget as well as site work to prepare for the masons hired to restore the stonework at the front of the vault.

Please support our project in any way you can.