Why a SW Herts Community Newsletter?

'Community with Intent' - A Newsletter that brings us all together

If we share what is happening locally... circulate the good news which is 97% of what goes on!! ... make people aware of events where we can meet up and everything that is going on, and... start to improve our effective use of technology so that we can share information more easily, we will start to see that where we live in South West Herts is absolutely amazing!!

If we are purposeful... if we collaborate, work together and innovate, if we do this with Intent, then we can really transform our communities through projects. By taking action we can create alternative solutions for some of the issues that we know are out there. If we stop waiting for the cavalry... and just wake up to the reality... we are the cavalry!

Supporting each other

I know it sounds a bit trite... but we are all in this together. If we were all able to contribute something that is easy for us to do, as and when it is convenient for us to do it... and, we could match that with a need... we've cracked it. To do this we need people in the community to talk to each other... and for us to share what's happening. There is more on this concept which we call Time Tithing here.

Working together as a local community

It's tough out there for all of us. If you find someone without challenges in their life (who is still breathing) please let us know, we could do a whole newsletter just on them. We all have problems and once you start talking to others you realise you're not alone. Solidarity, working together... helping others who could do with the support... let's bring some of that back shall we?

Innovation and Creation is where the future is

Quite simply if we keep doing what we are doing we'll keep getting what we're getting. Something has to change and this newsletter is an example of something new. Also if we come together on a regular basis, we can begin to come up with new innovative and creative ideas to help build the kind of community we'd like to live in and bring our families up in.

Would your neighbourhood be a better place to live if you knew everyone in your street? ... when walking down your road you were able to say confidently to a passer by, "hello, how are you [Insert first name]?"

The answers are out there... we just need to pool our minds and thoughts to find them.

It's all up to us...

There is no other resource out there big enough to take on this challenge. Rebuilding our communities has to come from the grass roots. That is us! ... we do however have all the resources literally sitting on our doorsteps... we just don't know who they are.

We have places to meet up... we have technology to help... we just need to get busy taking action...

So this Community Newsletter...

It's about sharing information. It's about bringing to our attention that mostly we are surrounded by good people, doing good things. It's about removing fear. It's about reassuring us that where we live is for the most part good. We live in one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the world... let us celebrate the rich diversity we've got going on here...

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