North Africans in NLP

Affinity Group

We are an affinity group for people of North African descent who are researchers in NLP. We organize socials and panel discussion at major NLP conferences.

The goal of this group is to create a sense of community among North African researchers in NLP & AI, to increase the visibility of North Africans within the #NLProc community, to highlight their accomplishments, and to acknowledge and discuss the hardships faced by NLP researchers based in North Africa.


July 2022: Due to Eid Al Adha, we are moving our affinity workshop at NAACL 2022 to a pre-recorded format. Watch our pre-recorded program here!

April 2022: We are hosting an affinity workshop at NAACL 2022! Please consider submitting a poster or attending!

July 2021: We are hosting a poster session at our ACL 2021 social event on August 4th at 4pm GMT! Please consider submitting a poster or attending!

June 2021: 14 members of North Africans in NLP received subsidies for NAACL 2021! This represents a significant increase since ACL 2020, where only 2 North Africans received subsidies.

June 2021: We organized a social event at NAACL 2021 at 1pm PDT on June 8th!

April 2021: We organized a social event at EACL 2021 at 10am CEST on April 20th.

January 2021: The recording for our EMNLP 2020 Panel Discussion is available here.

December 2020: We are invited to organize a second social, this time at COLING 2020! Join us!

November 2020: We are excited to launch our first social! Our EMNLP 2020 social event had over 130 registered attendees.