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Spring 2022 Submission Dates

First Submission on LMS for IS EIS: April 6, 2022

Revisions Requested: TBD

Revisions Due: April 22, 2022

Author Resources:

The template for the Journal is in Word file format. The editorial boards asks that authors edit the file locally. Download the template and upload edited version using the 'Upload Journal Submission' link. The template is found here:


Go to "Download" to get a local version and start writing! A writing guide is also being compiled; the most updated version can be accessed here:


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Letter from Editor-In-Chief:

Dear RPI Community,

On behalf of the MANE Department at RPI, the MANE Student Advisory Council is pleased to introduce the first annual issue of RPI’s MANE Student Research and Design Journal (Below)! The Journal showcases some of the impactful research and innovative design work performed by undergraduate and co-terminal students within cutting-edge laboratories across the MANE Department at RPI.

The task of initiating a student run research journal was taken by the MANE Department’s Student Advisory Council under the direction of the Department Head—Dr. Suvranu De—and Professor of Inventor’s Studio—Dr. Asish Ghosh. Otherwise, the Journal is completely student run; it’s composed entirely of students’ contributions to research and innovative solutions to design problems developed by students. The editorial staff is composed of graduate students in the MANE Department, who have experience publishing research in peer-reviewed technical journals. Thanks to Brian Waite, Nicolas Thompson, Alex Angelini, Dannah Laguitan, Amanda Youmans, Dan Spatcher, and Eva Mungai for serving on the editorial staff.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the MANE Student Research and Design Journal, as it is the product of hard work and commitment on from many talented students. We are very proud of the students who contribute to research at RPI. Hopefully this is the first of many issues which will help student researchers to become prolific authors of impactful research publications.


Mithil Kamble

Editor-in-Chief, 2020

Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Candidate at RPI

Students interested in having their research published in the Journal should work with their advisor to prepare a submission. Submissions are submitted through the Google Form linked on this page.

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