At Focusology, we inspire individuals, teams, and organizations to find focus and achieve optimal performance. We work with our clients to create performance breakthroughs through sustainable changes.

Our services include:

Strategy Management

      • Facilitation of Strategic Planning Workshops
      • Creation of Strategic Plans
      • Strategy Execution

Project Management Consulting

      • Project Management Methodology
      • PMO Deployment
      • Program Execution Improvement
      • Project Management Training

Performance Management

      • Balanced Scorecard Development
      • Automated Performance Dashboards
      • Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators & Action Plans

Leadership/Talent Development and Training

Our workshops are designed to be powerful, practical and playful. These workshops range from two hours to five-day long interactive sessions to bring about lasting behavioral change into participants. Here are some of the some of the topics these workshops cover:

      • Strategic Thinking & Planning
      • Team Building
      • Project Management
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Change Management
      • Leadership Development
      • Finding Focus and Achieving Dreams (our signature workshop)


Our coaching consists of one-on-one sessions that focus on what is most important to our clients. We help people strategize and find breakthroughs solutions. These sessions are mind-opening, exhilarating, and motivational. You will get the ideas, motivation, and tools to actualize your meaningful dreams and find success.