Focusology: A Breakthrough System for Finding FOCUS & Achieving DREAMS in a Distracted World!

Paperback – February 29, 2016

By M. Mansoor

Learning to focus is a trait which is held by many of those whom we deem to be a success. They seem to know exactly what they want, how to get it, and how not to be distracted by everything else that life throws at them. Focus is their secret. They know when they focus on what they want, what they don't want will simply fade away. They know that success is a result of clear intention, followed-up by consistent action which is performed with complete attention.

Focusology is a meditation on human potential. It's a ground-breaking system which concentrates on a disciplined pursuit of what is meaningful. It examines the power of choice and what, why and how of three types of focus through chapters including:

  • Success is a Choice
  • The Macro Focus - The Intention
  • The Micro Focus - The Action
  • The Nano Focus - The Attention
  • Putting It All Together - Developing a System for Success

This easy-to-read book is a self-coaching system which is perfect for anyone who wants to know more about what it takes to become more focused. Emphasized by illustrations and quotes, as well as exercises and activities, it guides the reader in finding their own focus and in achieving their dreams in a world full of distractions.

With Focusology you'll become in tune with what truly matters in your life and better placed for a successful future. Get your copy of this amazing book today and start coaching yourself to release the focused person within.

Optimal Xperience & The Art of the FOCUS Method: A Breakthrough Personal Development Approach That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Paperback – January 6, 2014

By M. Mansoor

A holistic, simple and effective framework for "X-ing out" what is nonessential and bringing focus to what really matters in life. This book integrates the most promising scientific research with past and present philosophical and wisdom traditions to develop practical ideas and tools to transform complexity into clarity, separation into connection and hunger for money and power into a plan for dream actualization and experience optimization. With Optimal Xperience you will have a framework, tools and strategy to sustain your motivation. Holistic and inspiring, this book will teach you to:

    • Listen to your inner voice and discover your true self.
    • Be in control of your thoughts and experience the joy of the present moment.
    • Understand and connect with other people.
    • Discover your dreams and values.
    • Use the power of habits to actualize your dreams.
    • Live a life of optimal experience and inspire others to do the same.

The Philosophy of Optimal Leadership: Ideas, Inspiration, and Tools for the Current and Future Leaders

Paperback – September 7, 2015

by M. Mansoor

The Philosophy of Optimal Leadership is an ultimate source for ideas, inspiration, and tools for the current and future leaders.