Candidate for State Representative District 18

Over the last months, I've been deeply concerned about the continued funding reductions and blatant attacks on education. I am concerned about the workforce participation crisis that we have in Hardin and Grayson Counties that need policy solutions. I am deeply concerned about the resources our citizens have access to for healthcare. We cannot see growth in Kentucky if we do not put resources into our most important assets--our people.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to run for this seat. Your support has meant everything. To my family near and far--thank you so much for the confidence and love you've sent me as this decision was made.

As an educator, I promise to work tirelessly for everyone in Kentucky just as I have for my students.

My Experience

My resume | This link will take you to my current resume.

Where I Stand On...

  • Supporting Workers | In recent months, I’ve done quite a bit of reading on the impacts of Right to Work laws and the costs associated with repealing prevailing wage....
  • The Health of our Kentucky Citizens | Access to affordable, quality healthcare is the bedrock of creating a productive community. When citizens are healthy...
  • Leading for Exceptional Education | I am a proud Kentucky educator. I love my students. I work tirelessly to make sure they have quality opportunities.
  • Dysfunctional Government | Part of why I chose to run is that I’m fed up with the dysfunction and partisan gridlock in Frankfort.
  • The Right Experience for Right Now | I want to share with you my experiences that make me the candidate we need right now.

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