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Helping the everday consumer to earn extra cash each month to help with gas, food, or some extra mad money. Health and Wellness for people looking for something different out of the box that works with their health. Helping business owners to cut cost and improve their cash flow.

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Over 80 CBDa and non-CBD products covering a wide range of different categories, including Skincare, Pet Products, Nutrition, and more.

It's Your Data, You Should Get Paid for it.

This simple app works seamlessly in the background to allow consumers to earn money from their anonymous location data.

An Unlimited World of Free Entertainment Awaits Your Business

Allows any business that is open to the public to monetize their TV screens by plugging them into a simple Free device.

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Upgrade & get 2x the bonuses & benefits.

Earn recurring bonuses on referrals and those referred by referrals.

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