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Along with our Business Services & Health & Wellness Products, Earn Extra Cash Each Month with Your Cell Phone

Helping the everday consumer to earn extra cash each month to help with gas, food, or some extra mad money. Health and Wellness for people looking for something different out of the box that works with their health. Helping business owners to cut cost and improve their cash flow.


Apply Your "SETC" Self-Employed Tax Credt.

Almost everyone with schedule C income qualifies. Sole Proprietors, 1099 Contractors, Freelancers, Single-member LLC's, Gig Workers, and Other Self-Employed Workers.

Apply for Your SETC Refund Today!


This simple app works seamlessly in the background to allow people to Set2Earn & get paid on the go, Answer2Earn get paid to take Surveys, Refer2Earn, Play2Earn playing games, Drive2Earn & earn passively as you drive, Browse2Earn while browsing the web on your smartphone.  TapCash.us

CTFO - Changing the Future Outcome

Over 80 CBDa and non-CBD products cover a wide range of different categories, including Skincare, Pet Products, Nutrition, and more. Shop - Save - Share

Learn How to Earn a Monthly Passive Income for Sharing An App!

A simple app affiliate program that works seamlessly in the background to allow consumers to earn money from their anonymous location data. Affiliates will earn a monthly bonus for each active app given away. There is a small annual fee for affiliates. $19.95. Affiliate Sign-up

Unlock FREE Entertainment for  Your Business and Monetize Your TV's with THIS One Simple Device! Built For Your Business, with No Cost to You!!!

Allows any business that is open to the public to monetize their TV screens by plugging them into a simple Free device. Type of Content: Action Sports - Music Videos - Entertainment - Lifestyle - News - Drone TV - Kids - Trivia & Games - Movie Trailers - Viral & Pets. Your Choice! Also, you have the ability to add your own in-house advertising on all your screens. For more information: CashSaverTV.com

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Save 20 - 50% on your worker comp expense!


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